Developer Blog #30

Dear Pilots!

Today’s 30th anniversary Dev blog note is a perfect occasion for some presents, don’t you think?

It has been five weeks since we launched the IL-2: BOS pre-order program. We say thanks to everyone who pre-ordered either edition by September 1st! In appreciation of all who have pre-ordered by this date, you will receive two bonuses for your in-game IL-2 aircraft:

  • Weapon modification with a ShKAS machinegun in the rear.
  • Unique camouflage skin.

Both these additions will be available to you the very first day when IL-2: BOS is released. The IL-2 skin is unique and cannot be unlocked while playing the game.

More good news - we have decided to extend the early-access pre-order program for one more month until October 1st! Over the past few weeks we have revealed more and more information about the project, our technology, the team and our goals. Now many more potential pilots can make an informed decision about BOS and still participate in our pre-order program. We hope they will want to join you in the skies above Stalingrad this year.

In addition to extending the pre-order program, anyone who has already placed or will place an order before October 1st will receive a special skin for the Bf-109 F4. This is just one of several other bonuses that will be announced for those that place a pre-order before the deadline. Stay tuned!

And finally the biggest news so far - both the Standard and Premium editions of BOS will now include all 8 flyable aircraft as a launching set of aircrafts! We always listen to our community’s opinion and we respect your input and concerns. Therefore we have decided to give all users the Yak-1 and Bf-109 G2 as part of the basic package. The dogfights will surely be epic fun for all.

And as promised the record of yesterdays live stream is now available with English subtitles on our YouTube channel

Warmest wishes,

IL2:BOS Team