News / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Dev blog #362 Today we would like to show you the first screenshots of the new map under development - Odessa.
Update 5.203 We have released a new update 5.203, which includes a new ground combat generator mode, new mission types, updated descriptions of all WWII aircraft, added popular campaigns created by enthusiasts AEthelraedUnraed and Juri_JS, and much more. One of the most important innovations in this version is the introduction of a new dynamic battlefield system in the pilot's career mode to create the most interesting and varied scenarios and to optimize the CPU load.
Dev blog #361 Today we'd like to tell you about the new Great War aircraft that are in development. While transferring them from our classic project Rise of Flight to IL-2 Great Battles, we are fixing problems we found during this work.
Dev blog #360 Today we'd like to inform you about the upcoming update 5.203. In this update, the AQMG (Advanced Quick Mission Generator) mode will be greatly expanded.
Dev blog #359 At the end of last week, IL-2 series producer Daniel Tuseyev and studio director Albert Zhiltsov took part in a studio podcast. What was planned as an informal conversation on various (and not necessarily game-related) topics turned into a long discussion of the series. Since the conversation was in Russian, we've prepared a summary of the most interesting parts of it. Unfortunately, it's not easy to summarize more than two hours of conversation without missing something interesting, which is why our Dev Blog today is so long.