Dev blog #354 The development of the big December update continues. Tomorrow, two new aircraft will join the WACO glider and the updated Western Front map in the beta test - one of them is the two-seater R.E.8, a final piece of the Flying Circus Vol.III puzzle.
Dev blog #353 This week's update to version 5.108 was a modest one by our standards, but the next one, 5.201, promises to be a real milestone.
Update 5.108 Another update, 5.108, is live. It adds a new airplane to Flying Circus Vol.III Early Access - this time it is a British two-seater F.E.2b - and fixes a number of minor issues.
Dev blog #352 The next update, 5.108, is in the works and today we are starting its beta testing. The next version will include further improvements to the career mode - for example, ground support will be added to the Normandy theater for both offensive and defensive missions. There will be other additions if they are ready in time, but one of the highlights of the next version will be the next Flying Circus Vol.III aircraft - the F.E.2b two-seater.
Update 5.107 Update 5.107 has been released! It brings something for everyone - from two additional aircraft of the Great War to a Soviet fighter of 1943 and a historical campaign set in Normandy in 1944.