Dev blog #314

Today’s Developer Diary brings us pics of the classic Sopwith Triplane in action along with some pics of B-26 liveries. The Tripe is the tenth plane for Flying Circus - Vol. II and it will be in the next update which is due at the end of the month. We continue to work on the map for FC2. The AI B-26 will be in a later update. The Tripe will have the option of mounting one or two Vickers machine guns. Work and testing for the 4.704 update is well underway and will include some new optimizations that should speed up loading times for many of you.

Dev blog #313

Today’s DD features two great, new additions that we think you will be excited about!



Dev blog #312

Today’s Developer Diary showcases our upcoming and awesome Mosquito FB Mk.VI. Isn’t she a beauty? Our “Wooden Wonder” as it was called, is in the later stages of development and we have already completed some of her skins that will be included. Work on her flight model has begun and work on finishing her cockpit continues. We are doing all we can to get her into your hangars just as soon as possible. We know she is a hotly anticipated plane and the wait is difficult, but please have patience, we think she will be worth it!

Update 4.703

We have reached another milestone in the project development and are proud to present to you our newest update 4.703, which contains a lot of awesome, new stuff.


Dev blog #311

A quick update on all that we are working on at the moment. We are preparing version 4.703 for release for middle of next week. Assuming, of course, no last-minute show stoppers arise.