News / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Dev blog #357 The beta testing of the new update 5.202 continues: IAR-80B and Spitfire IXc are being polished and new career changes are being tested. The new control assignment features are working great. We have some good news about the upcoming Spitfire IXc: this aircraft, which was a mainstay of the RAF in early 1944, will be added to the Battle of Normandy lineup. This means that all Battle of Normandy owners will automatically receive it when the 5.202 update is released.
Dev blog #356 We are preparing the next update 5.202. It will bring the second, long version of the IAR-80 and the official release of both variants. Another new aircraft we plan to release in this update is the Spitfire IXc. This version will also feature other improvements across the board - some of them were requested by the community for quite some time and we finally have had the time to do them.
Update 5.201: Flying Circus Vol.III Release, CG-4A Glider and IAR-80/81 short version The huge update 5.201 is live. It contains three major additions and a number of other fixes and improvements.
Dev blog #355 The preparation of the new update continues at full throttle. The CG-4A glider is a challenge as several new features are necessary for its towing, which have never been included in the simulation.
Dev blog #354 The development of the big December update continues. Tomorrow, two new aircraft will join the WACO glider and the updated Western Front map in the beta test - one of them is the two-seater R.E.8, a final piece of the Flying Circus Vol.III puzzle.