Dev blog #340

Since we always strive to upgrade the existing content of the sim using the new features, we’re going to update the existing payware and free campaigns and share some of our plans on the new ones.


Dev blog #339

Today we have more news about the next update 5.101. Among other things, it will bring the Pilot Career mode for the Flying Circus Vol. II, which will mark its official release.


Dev blog #338

Today we want to tell you about the campaign ‘Wings over Caen’ - it will be released in the near future and will be free for all Battle of Normandy owners. This historical campaign is dedicated to the operations of the No. 245 Squadron RAF which has been using Typhoon Mk.Ib fighter/bombers.

Dev blog #337

Year 2022 is ending and as we’re accustomed to, it’s time to sum up its results and discuss the future.


Update 5.004: Sopwith Snipe, WWI Map Updated, Churchill and StuG Scenarios

The year 2022 is drawing to a close and we did our best to bring you a new update on Christmas Eve. It bears the number 5.004 and adds the Great War Collector Plane Sopwith Snipe to our series. It is a late war aircraft equipped with the most powerful Bentley BR2 rotary engine, producing up to 234 horsepower.