Dev blog #305

Today’s DD is both informative and interactive! 



Dev blog #304

Our first Developer Diary of 2022 is here and it includes our first of two heavy bombers that are coming to FC2 – the mighty Gotha G.V. is up and flying! She’s a big bird that terrorized its enemies and foretold the future of heavy bombing in later conflicts.


Update 4.702

We're glad to report that the work on 4.702 update is finished and it is released. It doesn't contain as many changes as the previous one, but it does bring the long-awaited P-51B-5 fighter for the Battle of Normandy! It took a very long time, but there were some reasons for this - namely the long list of its modifications.

Dev blog #303

Today’s Developer Diary is a showcase of the beautiful P-51B which we are working very hard to finish for you by the end of the month. Just some minor bugs are left along with still finishing the tricky Malcolm Hood.

Update 4.701

Today is a Big Day for our project and our community - update 4.701 is now available! And with it comes a new game world technology – cloud rendering based on hypertextures.