Dev blog #344 Exactly 80 years ago, in 1943, one of the largest air battles on the Eastern front of WWII was fought in the skies of Kuban. One of our modules, Battle of Kuban, and several official campaigns are dedicated to these events, but there is a lot more to tell. We are proud to announce the new historical campaign "Sky Nomads" for the Battle of Kuban.
Dev blog #343 Today is the first day of summer (finally!) and it's time to start the races even that was announced before. We also have the first images of Flying Circus Vol.III aircraft to show you.  
5.103 Patch, Roadmap and Special Event Announcement Today we have several pieces of news for you at once.  
Dev blog #342 This year we have already released two previously announced Collector Planes. Today we would like to share plans for the future aircraft.  
Update 5.102: SSW D.IV, Bf 109 G-6AS, Two New Free Campaigns Today we have released another update 5.102 - two new Collector Planes, both of which arrived late in WWI and WWII respectively, and two new free historical campaigns.