Dev blog #144

Soon we'll start beta testing the next plane in its planeset, twin engine strike aircraft Bf 110 G-2, and now we can show you its screenshots.

We also want to tell you that we almost finished the physics and AI systems optimization. We succeeded in increasing these AI aircraft flight calculations performance slightly more than two times. Since we already have upped AI aircraft physics performance while on the ground by 3 times earlier, we and you will be able to create scenarios containing twice the amount of aircraft as before. Currently this optimization is planned to be added to the public version in February or March, in update after the next one.

Dev blog #143
Hello everyone,
the year 2016 is almost ended. This year was full of news, for our product too. For us, it was hard, but very productive. The main result of this year for us is, of course, the start of the work on the next theatre of war. Update 2.006, which we recently released, was also a big improvement. Right now we are developing the new Career mode, Spitfire, Boston, He 111 H-16, IL-2 model 1943 and Fw 190 A-5 3D models and flight models of Bf 110 G-2 and Fw 190 A-5 (including the flight model correction for Fw 190 A-3 we promised). 3-dimensional sea waves technology is being adopted from Rise of Flight and simultaneously improved. We're also making a new graphics technique for realistic looking steep rock slopes for mountains, while additional objects for Battle of Kuban map are almost done.
We would like to tell you a short story about how we managed to have a great fun in multiplayer spending only a hour online.
1C Game Studios to Cooperate with Team Fusion on IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

1C Game Studios is excited to announce that we have reached an agreement in principle to cooperate with Team Fusion on future commercial development of IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover. This includes giving Team Fusion access to the Cliffs of Dover source code so they may continue their work to fix and improve Cliffs of Dover and build commercial add-ons for the base title. Such cooperation was made possible only recently as full ownership rights to Cliffs of Dover was returned to 1C Company after many years.  We can now allow Team Fusion to continue their work more comfortably and help turn Cliffs of Dover into the product is was intended to be. 1C Game Studios recognizes the hard work and passion that Team Fusion has exhibited in improving Cliffs of Dover and we welcome their continued dedication to the product. We also welcome them to the 1C Game Studios family of developers who help make the combat flight-sim genre and IL-2 Sturmovik series so compelling.

Update 2.006

Dear Pilots, today is one of the most important days in our project history. We just released the update containing several key features that open up new possibilities and future pesrpective.

  1. First, this is Bf 109 G-4 release, the release of the first aircraft for Battle of Kuban, meaning that Early Access for Battle of Kuban just started. From now on, Battle of Kuban owners will receive regular updates that will gradually add more BoK content as it gets ready.
  2. Second, the game now uses DirectX 11 renderer. This is an important milestone. It brings mainly performance gains, but it also opens up many possibilities for improving visuals.
  3. Third, Ju-52/3m g4e is released. This aircraft brings many new gameplay features. Three new mission types for the current campaign - paradrop, cargo paradrop and cargo delivery. They can be used in complex multiplayer missions as well.
  4. Fourth, new Scripted Campaign mode has been added and everyone can create and distribute campaigns, We'll tell you about how it's done in coming Dev Diaries.
  5. Fifth, the first official scripted campaign made by Alexander -BlackSix- Timoshokov, "Ten Days of Autumn", has been released. This historical campaign tells about the events of one of the German squadrons during the Battle of Moscow.
Dev blog #141

Last week was an important one for the project - it was the first week of the new beta version test that includes all the major optimizations tied to the DirectX 11 transition. Our expectations turned out to be true: while FPS in simple scenes (i.e. you're flying alone and there are no other objects around) hasn't changed much, FPS in complex scenes, which were the most problematic from the performance point of view, increased by 2 - 2.5 times. Such complex scenes include dogfights with many planes, taxiing and taking off from crowded airfields with many aircraft and other objects in the scene. This news is really good for us, because now we're confident that the huge resources and effort spent for implementing the newer version of DirectX has paid off in full and brought good results. As Jason said in the TeamSpeak event, we are hopeful the increased performance can allow us to also further improve the visuals over time without a large impact on performance.