Dev blog #157

We have several good news for you today. The first one is that we almost finished the new aircraft - IL-2 mod. 1943. While this is the modification of the aircraft that already existed in our sim, this one will bring many interesting and not easy to implement improvements with it. One of them is the BB-1 mechanical aiming sight we told you about in the past Dev Blog.

The second innovation is the new weapon - PTAB-2.5-1.5 anti-tank bomblets. Modeling such a weapon required significant optimizations - this aircraft could carry up to 240 bomblets and drop them all at once. This was a complex task since the optimization must keep the performance hit to a minimum while keeping the drop pattern realistic. We implemented a system where the flight path is calculated for each bomblet if there is a possible target near the projected impact coordinates. If the possible targets are far away, the flight path is calculated for a cluster of bomblets at once, maintaining the realistic calculation accuracy.

Dev blog #156
Today we'll tell you a bit more about Battle of Kuban development progress. Let's begin with the graphics engine update.
Having finished Open VR API implementation, we started the work on another long-awaited feature - aircraft rear view mirrors. In fact, rendering the mirrors realistically looking and keeping the performance hit manageable at the same time is a complex task.
Update 2.009 - VR!

We're happy to announce that update 2.009 is ready. The most important addition in it is the VR support. In addition to VR itself, graphics as a whole were heavily updated during the VR development, so everyone will benefit from this update. In addition, it contains many improvements and corrections in other subsystems of the sim.

Dev blog #155

While the VR update testing is almost finished, we continue to work on Battle of Kuban aircraft. More than a half of the work on the IL-2 mod. 1943 flight model is done and the Spitfire flight model is in the works as well. 3D models of the A-20B Boston bomber and the Yak-7b fighter are being built according to the schedule and we just started the work on the P-39L-1. All these planes are remarkable, most of them have interesting construction and systems peculiarities. Today we'd like to show you WIP screenshots of the German strike aircraft Hs-129 B-2. The model itself is finished, 3D artists are working on texturing and damage visualization.

Dev blog #154
First, let's start with a short overview of the current development progress. We prepare for beta-test of the new version 2.009 release candidate. Implementation of the Open VR API is nearly finished and we're 'polishing' the new features, including some that aren't directly related to VR. In the meantime, engineer department works on IL-2 mod. 1943 and Spitfire MkVb flight models, while artists are making 3D models of Hs-129 and Yak-7b.
Here comes the main hero of the today Dev Diary - IL-2 mod. 1943 aiming sight. Starting from early 1943, PBP-1 collimator sights were gradually replaced by simple VV-1 (Vizier Vasilyeva - first) mechanical sights on IL-2s. It is commonly believed that PBP-1 aiming sights caused many injuries during emergency landings that were especially frequent among Sturmovik pilots. While being very simple from a technological point of view, this aiming sight actually was more capable than VV-1 was.