Dev blog #347 Summer is almost over and many team members are on their way back from vacation. During the year, the IL-2 team has grown at a record pace.  
Update 5.105 Another update, 5.105, is available now. Today we have released the first two Flying Circus Vol.III aircraft - the Halberstadt D.II and Nieuport 11 early Great War fighters.  
Dev blog #346 The release of the next update draws closer and we have some new screens to share.  
Dev blog #345 As the summer goes on, the work continues. One of the collector planes in development, Li-2, is nearing its release. Here are some of the WIP shots we wanted to share with you.  
Update 5.104: Sky Nomads Historical Campaign, Three New Career Mission Types Today we present to you the 5.104 update. It brings a new campaign and new mission types for Career mode.