Dev blog #177

The winter is coming and we're approaching the Battle of Kuban release run. The Career mode texts are finished and being translated right now. Cooperative mode is in the internal testing phase. P-39L,  .A-20B  and Yak-7B flight models are nearly finished, Bf 109 G-6 and La-5FN exterior models are ready and their cockpits are in the works. Today we can show you the current state of the A-20B bomber interior.


Dev blog #176

Another week has passed and we have interesting IL-2 news for you once again. First of all, our programmers started the work on the next new gameplay mode: Cooperative.

Aaand, of course, we continue the 'surprise month'. This Work-In-Progress video is worth a thousand words:

Dev blog #175

The month of surprises continues and today we present you a new kind of them - instead of a new plane it will be a new tech. Our lead programmer and lead landscape designer were developing new stuff for a couple of months already: it will allow us to make the visual image of the sim drastically more realistic and modern looking in the next update.


Dev blog #174

Since the last Dev Diary and until the next version release we'll be telling you about the coming gameplay modes bit by bit. And our next surprise is...



Dev blog #173

In general, the work is proceeding as planned. All three remaining Battle of Kuban planes (Yak-7b,  P-39L  and A-20B) are in Engineers department now. P-39L and A-20B 3D cockpits are being made and textured, while the 3D model of Yak-7b is finished. In the meantime, the new Career mode is being filled with a lot of content.

We want to begin, how should we call it, 'the month of surprises'. We don't tell you early about everything, and there are reasons for this. But when we do, we hope that you'll be pleasantly surprised. So, here goes the first one...