News / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Update 5.201: Flying Circus Vol.III Release, CG-4A Glider and IAR-80/81 short version The huge update 5.201 is live. It contains three major additions and a number of other fixes and improvements.
Dev blog #355 The preparation of the new update continues at full throttle. The CG-4A glider is a challenge as several new features are necessary for its towing, which have never been included in the simulation.
Dev blog #354 The development of the big December update continues. Tomorrow, two new aircraft will join the WACO glider and the updated Western Front map in the beta test - one of them is the two-seater R.E.8, a final piece of the Flying Circus Vol.III puzzle.
Dev blog #353 This week's update to version 5.108 was a modest one by our standards, but the next one, 5.201, promises to be a real milestone.
Update 5.108 Another update, 5.108, is live. It adds a new airplane to Flying Circus Vol.III Early Access - this time it is a British two-seater F.E.2b - and fixes a number of minor issues.