Dev blog #136
Several important things happened this week...
Update 2.004

We're glad to announce that the sim has been updated to version 2.004. It includes many changes we were working on for Battle of Kuban and of course all of them will be in Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow. While developing Battle of Kuban we're working on all three our projects at once, bringing the improvements to all our users.

This time almost all parts of the game were improved, the most important ones being the first results of physics optimizations for AI aircraft, landing gear physics modeling corrections for all planes, addition of the spotting ability to aircraft in multiplayer and the ability to set clouds height and thickness. All parts of the game were polished to some extent.

Dev blog #135

Today we want to tell you about the new features we will add to multiplayer mode in Battle of Kuban. Development of these features is planned for the next year, but we already know what we want to get in the end. The most important feature is the Cooperative (CO-OP) mode. Let’s go into the details about it right away.


Dev blog #134

As we mentioned in our previous developer diaries, Battle of Kuban is in full scale development. In particular, the map of the new thereat of war is in the works.

The Career mode time-frame of the Battle of Kuban will begin April 17 and end October 9, 1943, so the map will include three seasons - Spring, Summer and Autumn. Making a Spring map is a new experience for us and we'll see how it goes. We're confident that its quality will be good, but the difference in color palette should be significant compared to other seasons and we're hoping it will add a nice visual variety to the project.
Dev blog #133

In parallel to Battle of Kuban development, we continue our work on new Collector Planes - Yak-1b (series 127) and Ju-52 3mg4e. Their 3D models will be finished in the next few weeks and work on their physics models is already underway.