News / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Dev blog #350 The upcoming update 5.107 will introduce three new airplanes to the game - the La-5F Collector Plane we already discussed and two new planes for the Flying Circus Vol.III Early Access program: the Hanriot HD.1 and the Nieuport 17 GBR.
Dev blog #349 While the previous update, 5.106, was released just a few weeks ago, we are of course busy preparing for 5.107.
Update 5.106: Lisunov Li-2, Albatros D.II, Nieuport 17, Many Career Mode Improvements Update 5.106 has been released! It brings three new aircraft, many improvements to the career mode and several historical campaigns, and other changes. In addition, two of the campaigns that were previously only available on our website are now available on Steam.  
Dev blog #348 Today we would like to tell you more about the upcoming update 5.106, which is currently in beta testing. It will bring not only new aircraft you already know about, but also new career mode missions and historical campaign updates.  
Dev blog #347 Summer is almost over and many team members are on their way back from vacation. During the year, the IL-2 team has grown at a record pace.