News / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Update 5.102: SSW D.IV, Bf 109 G-6AS, Two New Free Campaigns Today we have released another update 5.102 - two new Collector Planes, both of which arrived late in WWI and WWII respectively, and two new free historical campaigns.  
Update 5.101: FC Vol.II, Spitfire Mk.XIVe, Free Typhoon Campaign, New Single Missions, FC Vol.III Announced Today is an important day for the project. We are proud to present the results of joint work with our partner "Ugra Media" - the Flying Circus Vol. II release. We have completed the Western Front 1918 map to the planned degree, as well as the development of the Career game mode (the full list of changes is available at the end of the news). During the work on the Career, we created new types of missions and adapted a significant number of existing ones to match the realities of the war in the skies of 1917-1918.
Dev blog #341 Our team has some important news.  
Dev blog #340 Since we always strive to upgrade the existing content of the sim using the new features, we’re going to update the existing payware and free campaigns and share some of our plans on the new ones.  
Dev blog #339 Today we have more news about the next update 5.101. Among other things, it will bring the Pilot Career mode for the Flying Circus Vol. II, which will mark its official release.