Update 5.204 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Update 5.204
Update 5.204

Dear friends,

We're glad to present you with another update of the sim - 5.204. It brings the new Collector Plane, the very late war Ta 152 H-1. This unique machine was a pinnacle of German piston engine technology of its time, designed to be able to engage Allied bomber formations at very high altitudes and prevail over Mustangs and Spitfires. You could say it was over-engineered with its two-stage three-speed (!) supercharger and two simultaneous boost systems (MW-50 water-methanol for altitudes up to 10 km and GM-1 nitrous oxide for 11+ km). Yes, this is not a typo - this piston-engine aircraft could not only climb above the modern airliners (its ceiling was 13 km), but also be able to dogfight there.

Like most late-war German war machines, there were too few of them to make a difference. By the spring of 1945, when it was too late to intercept Allied bomber formations - Allied ground forces were advancing into the Reich from both the east and the west - only about two dozen aircraft were combat-ready. The few planes were used in the usual fighter roles and, ironically, much closer to the ground than they were built for - covering the takeoffs and landings of the new jet-powered aircraft (see below). This is similar to the story of the Allied P-47 Thunderbolts, which were designed for high-altitude combat and had special systems for it, but ended up spending a good part of their flying time close to the ground because they proved to be the best ground attack fighters of the US Air Army Air Forces. The Ta 152 Pilot's Career mode is only available on the Rhineland map (I./JG 11 since March 1st, 1945), but for player convenience, it is also available in the Scenario Quick Mission (AQM) mode on the Normandy map, and of course on every map in the game in simple Quick Missions.

There is a new mission type available for the late war German Career Mode - Jet Airfield Cover, where you should prevent the Allied fighters from shooting down jet aircraft near the airfields where they were stationed. New jet aircraft such as the Me 262 and the Arado 234 were hunted by the Allies when they were most vulnerable - during takeoff, when their speed was still low, or during landing, when their speed was already low. One such episode is shown in our promo video.

The Jet Airfield Cover mission type is available not only to Ta 152, but also Fw 190 D-9 and several Bf 109 squadrons that were flying it historically.

Another important change is the increase of the maximum amount of buttons and axes on a controller from 64 to 128 - modern joystick and throttle combinations could exceed the old limit when connected to one another. This shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Last but not least - please check out the new section on our website, Museum. We have been preparing it for some time, here you can find the historical information about the aircraft and ground vehicles modeled in our sim.

5.204 Change Log

  1. Ta 152 H-1 Collector Plane has been released;
  2. Maximum number of active buttons increased from 64 to 128 buttons per device;
  3. Rhineland Career: a new Jet Airfield Cover mission type is available for Fw 190 D-9, Ta 152 and some Bf 109 squadrons (I./JG 27, III./JG 27, IV./JG 27, II./JG 54, I./JG 26, I./JG 27, I./JG 11, II./JG 26, III./JG 26);
  4. Bf 109 E-7: Romanian Air Force color scheme added;
  5. Fixed a problem with assigning a command to the 64th button of a controller. Please note that previously added command assignments to this key will need to be reassigned;
  6. Career and AQM: Fixed landing at High Halden airfield from east to west;
  7. Career and AQM: fixed taxiing at Dortmund airfield;
  8. Kuban Career: fixed action point generation at wrong coordinates (a corner of the map);
  9. Stalingrad Career: removed missions of gunboat artillery spotting in winter;
  10. Career: fixed a bug where cover fighters mentioned in the mission briefing failed to arrive;
  11. Career: fixed a bug in Bomb Artillery Position missions when the attacking planes failed to drop the bombs;
  12. Fixed a randomly occurring bug with technochat being disabled in multiplayer when one of the players logs out of the server;
  13. Improved MK 108 cannon firing sound on external views.