Dev blog #362 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Dev blog #362
Dev blog #362

Dear friends,

Today we would like to show you the first screenshots of the new map under development - Odessa. In addition to the city itself, it includes almost all of modern Moldova and small parts of Ukraine and Romania. At the moment, about half of the work is done. It's a big task because more than 400 settlements and at least 30 airfields are planned. Odessa, Tiraspol, Beltsy, Bolgrad, and Kilia are finished, while work is still going on with Chisinau, Kotovsk, Izmail, Voznesensk, Rybnitsa, Galati, and others.


Odessa in the 1940s is modeled with a good level of accuracy; it is correct to a point where one can learn its layout and landmarks: in the city there are the famous monument to the Duke, the cannon of the frigate "Tiger" monument, the opera house, the railway station, Kulikovo Field, Potemkin Stairs, "Chernomorets" stadium, the prison building, the artillery school, cathedrals, and monasteries, the old Vorontsov lighthouse (it was blown up during the war and rebuilt in the early 1950s) and others.


Multiplayer short video

Digital immortality

We would like to repeat our appeal to contact us if your ancestors fought in the war in aircraft and ground vehicles you can control in our sim - if you have the photos of your loved ones taken during the war in your family archives, we can add them to the virtual cockpits as default photos instead of the generic ones, with your permission.

The idea is to have a photo that the pilot or tanker would have placed there himself, so a photo of his girlfriend, wife, children, or parents is needed, not a picture of him. For example, this is what the family photo of Squadron Leader Jack Collins looks like in the cockpit of the Typhoon, as shared by his son (the Growling Sidewinder video tells more of his story).