Developer Blog #71

Hi Everybody!

Today’s update should be released as planned - it’s full of great new features and we want to deliver them to you as soon as we can. As you know from the previous dev diary we’re adding Campaign mode technology into the game. It does not mean that you or us are able to play this mode now, at this stage of early access. But it means that a huge volume of content and lots of gameplay algorithms are being merged with the project. It was only a couple of days ago when VikS’ screen looked like that:


>Almost one hundred airfields on the map. Each of them has its combat history, each of them is known for squadrons based on them - and all of them will play active roles in the campaign. When it’s ready the briefing screen will change a lot. And this is how one of the campaign starting screens will look like - you’ll see your progress in the current stage of the battle.


As you can see the game is still being developed in your virtual presence, and you’re the main tasters of our sim cuisine.

The siren on Stuka is finally ready to sing. In a few hours you’ll be able to turn it on and, for instance, start vulching enemy airfields on your Ju-87.

Vertical rate indicators and horizon indicators have been turned on; fixed loop radio compasses are now working on Pe-2, Ju-87 and He-111. They are also available as unlockable modifications on Yak-1 and La-5.

Radio beacons in Quick Mission editor will be placed on all airfields where you plan to start and finish the mission. In multiplayer, the beacons will be working on almost all of the airfields. Your fixed loop radio compass will be responding to the nearest beacon by default. We know that you’d like to have more settings and an option to switch channels - and we’ll add it later.

Something that you’ve been waiting for long - binding separate keys for dropping bombs and launching rockets is now possible. The bombers also got some corrections: the boom that helps to release the bomb from the attachment on Ju-87 has bben fixed; half-doors of the bomb hatch on Pe-2 will interact with bombs under the Peshka’s belly correctly. Turnkey needle should now be functional on all planes. German aim sights were fixed with colour filter - Luftwaffe’s virtual pilots as always enjoy superior German comfort.

Today we also add new trees and bushes, and you can see some of the m on the screenshots below. And in a few hours this new richly updated version will be in your hands.

veget_il2bos_1.jpg         veget_il2bos_2.jpg         veget_il2bos_3.jpg