Developer Blog #77

Some of you may still remember how convoy and train crews were running away from attacks from the air in old IL-2: 1946. Starting today you’ll be able to see a similar picture in BOS. To tell the truth, it’s only a first step on our way of bringing more life to the the scenery. But first things first. Meanwhile, the artillery units’ crews have also started to care about their safety and leave their post when the cannon is severely damaged.

Also we’ve finished work on several sim features this week: improved the automatic procedures of starting and stoping the engine (new sounds for it will be added next week), reaction of He 111 construction to combat damaged was fixed; inflamability of Pe-2 and He 111 was also corrected; some issues with the flare gun on German planes were taken care of.

With the IL2BOS release on Steam the question of extra multiplayer servers has become topical. To provide the pilots with comfortable MP experience we gave some volunteers an opportunity to help us and gave out the necessary software. By the way, I’d like to say aoother big thanks to all who provides these servers - it’s a noble deed that is very appreciated among the community. Even though our job is not done yet you’ve arranged to set up public servers and put away your squad’s or personall ambitions. We do realise that some of you are eager to host your own server with blackouts and stukas. But now, at this stage of development it’s absolutely no good to us to have dozens of empty servers, and pretty much no fun to you - since the full mission editor is not out yet.

The following community servers are now available (in order of their appearence):
1) EU duel server - the only password protected public server, great place for pilots who feel the need to find out who’s the best;
2) EU custom server - offers different official maps with custom difficulty settings and missions that start in the beautiful morning hours;
3) US Eagle’s Nest server - has no autobalance and timeout settings, so it welcomes entire squads to join the battle;
4) RU coop and training server - a recently established server capable to provide good ping for players on the vast territory of Russia;
5) EU Syndicate server - painstakingly tuned server with full realism setting brought to the community by an experienced ROF crew.
There’s no doubt that if we need it, we’ll continue to share the dserver with players able and willing to provide the community with quality and exciting multiplayer experience. But please keep in mind that we still need you on our servers to track performance and do further optimization.