Developer Blog #79

The team has been working on the single player campaign (or AQM – advanced quick mission as we call it) for the whole week. The recent live stream shown on Friday was to demonstrate you some of the elements of that extensive mode. As you might guess, that’s a whole lot of work – to put that much content into this complicated system. You may have a lot of questions about this part of the project and you’ll find answers to many of them in the record of our latest live stream below.

Along with AQM, we’re completing the other elements of the sim. Today’s update brings you the technical chat (or technochat, sounds impressive). Anyway this feature is to tell you what happens to your plane: gears are released, an engine suffers from overheating, all your gunners are extensively bleeding, and so on. And of course you can always turn those off if you’re so hardcore.

Some peculiar DM improvement is to be deployed later today: incoming damage will be able to breaks rods used to control rudders and ailerons. It’s pretty hard to demonstrate such feature on a video for example so you’re free to try it yourself flying on a damaged aircraft in BOS. By the way, AI pilots will tend to bail out if those rods are damaged in their planes.

As it was planned from the very beginning, we’re adding deeper simulation step by step. Today is a good day for Messerschmitt pilots because they get to control all radiators manually.

Other changes are mostly about minor graphical fixes. Speaking of which: nVIDIA released new WHQL driver pack that features IL2BOS profile. So if you want to use your SLI-configuration in the game then just install the 344.11 version – the thing should work at least as good as in ROF.

Here goes the record of the live stream I promised. Have a good weekend everyone.