Developer Blog #80

It so happened that Friday dev blog is now the most special part of the entire project able to distract you from both game and forum wars. That’s why I’d like be ahead of your questions about the releases date - you’ll know everything next week. Meanwhile you can keep on playing, fighting and bombing while early access is steadily approaching the release date.

Some may have noticed that it’s been a few days since we’ve finally received a new Oculus RIft. It’s more than the freshest version of the device - it is the public version, just like the one you can buy officially. The gadget is finally capable of headtracking, like TrackIR or others. So there’s a rather small task that remains to be completed - the final compatibility check. We’re now sure that Battle of Stalingrad will be released with complete compatibility with Oculus RIft VR.

Speaking of today’s updates and improvements - yes, we have some for you. Firstly, it is now possible to set up convergence for fixed armament. The screenshots below show what it looked like visually. On the left picture - horizontal convergence at 200m, on the right pic - vertical convergence at 800.

Convergence_200m_horiz_view.jpg        Convergence_800m_vert_view.jpg

Well, of course you we were flying and fighting without this setting for almost a year. But we were been listening and I it was decided to implement this minor but still useful feature. Convergence for turret guns is going to be added later.

Note that all you’ll be given only tracer ammo for the machineguns for the up-coming week. We need it this way to properly check this new system and make sure no bugs interfere.

Other changes include only interface and AI improvements with only one exception for Bf 109 update (manual radiator control was fixed, animations added as well). Update log includes:

  • HUD gauges will work in accordance with the actual difficulty setting;
  • technochat has been significantly improved with bug fixes and adding new previously missing messages;
  • it’s now possible to use the “Engine limiter” option in the Normal difficulty preset;
  • dynamical markers on the map can now be turned off along with the HUD gauges with the “i” key;
  • new GUI element added - an aiming helper for rockets.

That’d be all for today’s update. The weekend is coming up, which means that a lot of exciting flights are awaiting, multi player battles included - and again I use a chance to say thanks to those who runs the BOS MP servers during early access. We’ll limit the number of extra dservers from now on and  until the release date so we could have enough players on the official battlegrounds. But anyway what we have now in the server roster is more than enough.
And another thanks goes to players who make and publish their IL2BOS fan-videos. Here are three recently published videos that we liked most this time - dear makers, you have our respect!