Dev blog #116
Dev blog #116
Hello everyone!
This week the new plane, MiG-3, is being finalized and beta-tested. Today we'll tell you about this new addition to the sim in detail. In short, MiG-3 fleshes out to be an interesting, if stubborn, aircraft.
1. It can reach high speeds - with boost it lags only 10 km/h behind Bf 109 F4 in combat mode, and if you close radiators you have a chance to catch an F4 before the engine temperature becomes critical.
2. MiG-3 has good flight capabilities at high altitudes, it is a first Soviet fighter in the game that can compete with German ones high above thanks to achieving high speeds there.
3. It has many armament options, there are three options of nose-mounted weaponry alone (see screenshot below).
4. It offers a rich instrument array, including artificial horizon (it's the first Soviet fighter in our sim that has it).
5. It has an unusual tail wheel control. At present, we have several tail wheel control systems in the sim:
  • Free tail wheel which is drawn to the center position by springs (LaGG-3, La-5, Pe-2, He-111, Bf-110);
  • Tail wheel that can be locked from cockpit (Yak-1, IL-2, Ju-87, Bf-109, MC-202);
  • Tail wheel that can be locked by pulling the flight stick (Fw-190);
  • Tail wheel linked to pedals by spring rods (I-16);
  • Tail wheel linked to pedals by spring rods that automatically unlinks at significant pedal application (P-40);
  • Tail wheel linked to pedals by spring rods that automatically fixes at neutral position at small pedal application (MiG-3).
6. MiG-3 has a very unusual flaps control system. Here are the various flaps systems in the sim to this date:
  • Mechanical flaps moved by pilot himself by a winding engine, screw or worm gear that allowes any position (I-16, Bf-109);
  • Hydraulic flaps control that allows any position (LaGG-3, La-5, He-111, MC-202, P-40);
  • Hydraulic flaps control that allows three fixed positions (Ju-87);
  • Electric flaps control that allows any position (Pe-2);
  • Electric flaps control that allows three fixed positions (Fw-190);
  • Pneumatic flaps control, fully extended or retracted positions only (Yak-1, IL-2);
  • Pneumatic flaps control with a special mechanical limiter that allows any position (MiG-3).
In the game, flaps extension and retraction on MiG-3 happens similarly to Yak-1 and IL-2 (press F / Shift+F by default). In addition to this, flaps limiter setting is changed by holding these buttons. For example, if the limiter is set to the maximum angle by default and you need to change its setting for a smaller flaps extension, press and hold Shift-F to move it to the required position first, and then briefly press F to extend the flaps to the new limit. If you have the limiter set to an intermediate position and you want to deploy the flaps to the maximum angle, you can press and hold F to release the flaps and simultaneously move the limiter to open more.
7. MiG-3 engine boost was engaged in somewhat unusual way. AM-35A engine installed on our MiG-3 enters bosted mode when you move the mixture control forward to the limit. To engage boost at expert difficulty mode, you need to set maximum propeller RPM (RShift and +), set pressure to maximum by setting throttle to maximum, and then set mixture to richest setting (RAlt and +). At normal difficulty with engine assist turned on you just set the throttle to maximum (>98%). It works the same on IL-2.
8. It has peculiar aerodynamic characteristics and propeller wash, leading to a significant right roll motion after taking off.
9. MiG-3 mass balance changes significantly depending on the remaining fuel amount, so the required flight stick pitch movements change from tiny at full load to large when almost empty.
10. Powerful propeller wash makes MiG-3 difficult to keep steady during takeoff roll.
11. One-piece windshield and teardrop canopy give the plane the best view to the sides among the Soviet aircraft in our sim. However, a wide engine cover and back pilot position significantly hamper the view forward.
12. MiG-3 is really beautiful!
MiG-3 will be available to all Battle of Stalingrad owners who have Battle of Moscow as well.
_MiG3_unlocks.jpg _MiG3_dogfight.jpg 
_MiG3_damage.jpg _MiG3_cockpit_day_1.jpg 
_MiG3_cockpit_day_2.jpg _MiG3_cockpit_night.jpg
_MiG3_guns.jpg _MiG3_rockets.jpg 
Of course, we continue Battle of Moscow development at full speed. 3D models for small towns, permanent airfields and bridges are ready. Placing buildings of Moscow city itself is underway. Roads, forests, rivers, heights are mapped and towns and airfields are marked. We plan to show you close to final screenshots of the new map as early as January. Right now we can show you the WIP map of the area:
We also finished additional AI controlled ground units required for Battle of Moscow scenarios:
  • Soviet heavy tank KV-1 made by Ural factory UZTM in 1941. It differs from KV-1 made in Chelyabinsk in 1942 that is already in the game by a riveted and welded turret (turret sides and back on later KV tanks were cast as a single piece);
  • Soviet medium tank T-34-76 made by Stalingrad factory in 1941. Its welded turret had rounded corners, while later tanks had more angular turrets because of the simplified war-time production process;
  • Soviet light tank BT-7M with 45 mm gun;
  • Soviet armored car BA-10M, armed with 45 mm gun as well;
  • Soviet 57 mm AT gun ZiS-2;
  • German medium tank PzKpfw IV Ausf.F1 with short barreled 75 mm gun KwK.37;
  • German medium tank PzKpfw III Ausf.H with 50 mm gun KwK.38;
  • German SPG StuG III Ausf. C with short barreled 75 mm gun StuK 37/L24;
  • German 50 mm AT gun PaK-38.
_BzM_vehicles_soviet.jpg _BzM_vehicles_german.jpg