Update 2.001
Update 2.001
Dear pilots,
we're proud to announce that the work on Battle of Moscow project is done and we're ready to show you this version. Customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow and don't have Battle of Stalingrad can access the game today (previously only the players who own both theaters of war could play the Battle of Moscow). The campaign is ready, now it includes scenario missions (two per chapter) and video cutscenes. Many improvements for the campaign are already in and more will follow, we'll continue to improve it. This version also contains many flight model, plane systems and other sim modules improvements. We hope that this version will be a milestone and will bring you many new and interesting features to try.
User interface changes:
1. Game logos updated;
2. Piloting tips added (they can be switched off in user interface settings);
3. Stalingrad navigation map updated to match the new Moscow map features (visible airfield layouts for instance);
4. Unavailable maps won't be visible in quick missions map list;
5. New marker color option added: USSR is red;
6. Subtitles and object markers are now visible in bomb sight (if they are enabled);
7.  Interface correctly shows the remaining amount of ammo if there are several guns of the same caliber, but different rounds per each;
8. Mini-map correctly updates after closing the full screen map;
9. Mini-map translucency value updates correctly during night;
Campaign changes:
10. Video cutscenes added to Battle of Moscow campaign;
11. Scenario missions added to Battle of Moscow campaign;
12. More combinations of weapon modifications are allowed for MiG-3 and P-40;
13. Landing approach direction added to campaign missions;
14. In artillery bombing mission your default altitude is limited to 2.5 km;
15. In airfield attack missions all aircraft destroyed on the ground count toward the mission goal;
16. Enemy fighters in ground attack role don't have additional fighter cover;
17. Enemy bombers and ground attack planes in intercept missions don't have fighter cover during bad weather;
18. Landing dialog with own airfield happen earlier, giving more time to plan your approach;
19. Artillery object markers appear earlier in artillery bombing missions;
20. Enemy bombers fly away at the same altitude after dropping their bombs;
21. Waypoint won't be generated outside fly area (a random bug);
22. Forward spotters give target data only for the mission target(s) in intercept missions, not other enemy planes;
23. Enemy artillery target in bombing missions have a correct GUI attack symbol;
24. Enemy train is located closer to action waypoint in train attack missions;
25. Landing lights positions corrected in Moscow campaign;
26. Evening flights start no later than at least 15 minutes before sunset in Moscow campaign;
27. Runways cleared of various objects in Moscow campaign;
Flight model, systems, armament and AI changes:
28. Drifting on rough ground is likely to break the landing gear;
29. Cockpit canopy moves according to physics laws (it can close during dive on IL-2 or La-5 and LaGG-3, it may be impossible to open it at high speeds, etc.);
30. Engine start procedure updated - control axes remain in correct position after it;
31. Yak-1 tail wheel rotation limited to +- 90 degrees when unlocked;
32. AI gunners man the turrets when enemy is close, even if it is outside their field of fire;
33. Chance of ammo detonation after ammo racks hit increased for all aircraft;
34. Impact sound can be heard during emergency landing;
35. Engines with glow plugs stop faster when turned off;
36. Rudder/pedals reset command added (key D by default);
37. Turret weapons cooling rate during flight corrected;
38. Turret gun on Pe-2 no longer 'sticks' at lowest position;
39. Armor penetration of German 7,92 rounds corrected (slightly reduced at closer distances);
40. Chance of ricochet of aircraft HE rounds removed;
41. Inversion trails restored for AI planes;
42. You won't hear the wheels rolling sound during emergency landing on water or ground anymore;
43. AI pilots will be more careful not to break their engines;
44. RPM limiter assist corrected, it reduces RPM if engine can be damaged by a high temperature;
45. Flaps can be jammed at high speeds on Fw 190;
46. La-5 engine damage time at high temperature corrected;
47. Pe-2 brakes effectiveness corrected (reduced), this should make landings easier;
48. Overheat warning message appearance corrected for all aircraft;49. Pe-2 engine throttle levers won't shake when engine assist is engaged;
Other changes:
50. Sun glare effect added to buildings;
51. Tank gunners can use signal flares in unbuttoned position;
52. Maximum time acceleration multiplier increased;
53. Multiplayer ban duration increased to one week;
54. Barrage balloons are visible above the Moscow city;
55. Stone churches added to Moscow map (their locations correspond to Mozhaisk Defence Line HQ maps);
56. Railway lines and runways are now more visible during winter (Moscow map);
57. Mission designers now can hide an object so it won't have an icon and F5 camera won't show it. Just give it the name NOICON;
58. Mission designers can increase the visibility distance of ground object markers by giving them name FARICON;
59. It is no longer possible to use bombsight while manning a turret (it caused many problems);
60. Player view won't be shifted after using bomb sight anymore;
61. It is easier to drag a group of objects in mission editor;
62. Joystick IDs won't be erased during each game update.