Update 2.002
Update 2.002
Dear pilots,
We continue to improve the sim. Today we release the update to version 2.002, which brings many additions and improvements along with a couple of surprises. First, we added preliminary support for HTC Vive, second - military ranks were introduced to campaign mode. They are separate for each campaign and side and influence the mission difficulty. 
Main features
1. Player ranks added to campaigns. You'll have a separate rank for each side in each campaign you have. Mission difficulty depends on this rank.
2. Early support for Steam VR added (HTC Vive). To try it, install Steam VR to install Vive drivers, but close it before running the game, since it accesses the Vive directly. Edit the line or_enable in data\startup.cfg so it reads or_enable = 1 and run the game. If you feel that interface is too close you may also set parameter or_fov_gui = 0.5;
3. German tank Pz.Kpfw.38(t) added to the game (big thanks to pilot FF*VaSoK*22 for the 3d model he kindly gave us!);
4. German SPG Marder III Ausf. H added to the game (big thanks to pilot FF*VaSoK*22 for the 3d model he kindly gave us!);
5. Soviet AT gun 53-К added to the game;
6. German AT gun 3,7 cm Pak 35/36 added to the game;
7. Soviet AAA 72-К added to the game;
8. Soviet AAA 72-К installed on ZiS-5 added to the game;
9. German AAA 3,7 cm FlaK 36 added to the game;
Other changes
10. Multiplayer servers running a map inavailable to you will be greyed out in the server list;
11. You can see an exact mission type in campaign while choosing loadout to be able to fine-tune your aircraft to the task at hand;
12. Game won't crash anymore while loading an overcast mission on Windows 10;
13. You should be able to select a ground attack mission in a campaign if you have at least one required plane modification;
14. Ground attack planes and bombers in campaign mode fly at reduced speed if escorted by slow fighters (for example, I-16);
15. New subtitle added in campaign mode (escorted planes reached their airfield);
16. Ground attack missions on Pe-2 start below clouds during overcast weather in campaign mode;
17. Number of bad weather missions reduced in the 4th chapter of Battle of Moscow campaign;
18. Ground attack and bombing missions won't happen during strong turbulence;
19. Escort missions became harder, because enemy fighters may intercept you before or after the target area, not neccessary above it;
20. During intercept missions you can encounter enemy planes above friendly territory;
21. Enemy fighters will be less willing to atack the bombers you escort if they are outnumbered;
22. You may catch the enemy fighters on ground during airfield attack missions instead of encountering them in the air;
23. Artillery positions in the campaign mode became more varied;
24. In bombing missions enemy fighters will attempt to intercept you from a more random direction;
25. AI group logic improved (AI pilots won't switch targets too frequently);
26. AI logic improved in multiplayer (previously they opened fire later than in singleplayer);
27. AI pilots of twin engine aircraft learned to taxi from parking more effectively;
28. Fuel tank rear armor increased by 1,5 mm for both IL-2;
29. AB-1 armor toughness increased by 33% relative to a standard homogenous armor;
30. Armor protection on Fw-190 is removed correctly after ditching the canopy;
31. It is impossible to fire guns when powered off on aircraft equipped with electric triggers;
32. You don't need to issue manual radiator mode command twice for automatic radiators (radiator assist turns off simultaneously with turning manual radiators mode on);
33. A lost canopy won't erroneously block the ability to bail out;
34. Broken instruments in a cockpit show the last value instead of 0;
35. Instrument light can be damaged;
36. Mission editor properties window appearance corrected in Windows 10;
37. Smoke and fuel trails won't 'shimmer' in a turbulent air.
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