Dev blog #133 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Dev blog #133
Dev blog #133

Hello Pilots!

In parallel to Battle of Kuban development, we continue our work on new Collector Planes - Yak-1b (series 127) and Ju-52 3mg4e. Their 3D models will be finished in the next few weeks and work on their physics models is already underway.
The Ju-52 controls are somewhat unusual, for example, its wheel brakes are engaged by pulling back the engine control levers while the flaps are operated using the same handle as the adjustable stabilizer. However, it is possible to unlink these controls and adjust the stabilizer without touching the flaps. Other unique features are a tail wheel brake, corrugated fuselage and wing plating, hanging rudders and flaps, fixed-pitch propellers and non-parallel thrust vectors of the wing engines. Its design represents the transitional period between the wars (1920-1930’s) where new designs and increasing technology led to experimentation with some odd results. The Ju-52 was an iconic plane from this period in aviation history and its usefulness kept it flying all throughout WWII.
Although from the famous Yak family of fighters, the Yak-1b (series 127) required almost a complete overhaul of the existing Yak-1 (series 69) 3D model. From the development point of view this is almost a completely new aircraft. There are several subtle differences that influence its physics model – a different propeller, automatic tail wheel lock similar to the MiG-3, simplified trimmers (just bendable fins instead of separate trimmer surfaces), improved seals for openings, additional engine exhaust covers, a different engine intake, and, of course, a lowered fuselage spine with a teardrop canopy. All of these changes led to better aerodynamics and performance than previous Yak models. The Yak-1b also had more armor in the front section of the fuselage and it had a different armament package. Armament consisted of a 20 mm ShVAK with 140 rounds and a 12.7mm UBS machinegun with 220 rounds. Designers also removed the underwing rocket rails.
Here are some WIP screenshots for more visual impression:
Ju 52:
Ju51_1.jpg Ju52_2.jpg
Ju52_3.jpg Ju52_4.jpg
Yak1_1.jpg Yak1_2.jpg
Yak1_3.jpg Yak1_4.jpg