Update 2.006
Update 2.006
Dear Pilots,
today is one of the most important days in our project history. We just released the update containing several key features that open up new possibilities and future pesrpective.
  1. First, this is Bf 109 G-4 release, the release of the first aircraft for Battle of Kuban, meaning that Early Access for Battle of Kuban just started. From now on, Battle of Kuban owners will receive regular updates that will gradually add more BoK content as it gets ready.
  2. Second, the game now uses DirectX 11 renderer. This is an important milestone. It brings mainly performance gains, but it also opens up many possibilities for improving visuals.
  3. Third, Ju-52/3m g4e is released. This aircraft brings many new gameplay features. Three new mission types for the current campaign - paradrop, cargo paradrop and cargo delivery. They can be used in complex multiplayer missions as well.
  4. Fourth, new Scripted Campaign mode has been added and everyone can create and distribute campaigns, We'll tell you about how it's done in coming Dev Diaries.
  5. Fifth, the first official scripted campaign made by Alexander -BlackSix- Timoshokov, "Ten Days of Autumn", has been released. This historical campaign tells about the events of one of the German squadrons during the Battle of Moscow.
cmp_en.jpg 109g4.jpg
ju52_1.jpg ju52_2.jpg
We hope you'll like all these changes and additions. They are numerous, so some minor bugs are almost inevitable. Should they be found, we'll fix them ASAP via a hotfix.
We would like to show you a fan video made by community member =HH=Pauk - "Wings of War":
Main changes:
1. DX11 renderer added along with significant optimizations of the renderer and the GUI. This should increase FPS count in complex scenes up to 2-3 times;
2. Bf 109 G-4 fighter added, starting Battle of Kuban Early Access program;
3. Ju-52/3m g4e transport aircraft added;
4. New Scripted Campaign game mode added;
5. New "Ten Days of Autumn" scripted campaign added (it requires Battle of Moscow);
6. Flight statistics added to Missions and QMB game modes;
7. Mouse input is now exclusive (mouse cursor won't move outside the game window). This change is optional and can be turned off in startup.cfg, [KEY = input] section, exclusive = 0/1;
Renderer changes:
8. Scratches and dirt on windows made more detailed;
9. 4K textures (4096х4096) are now supported;
10. Tree detail levels now switch depending on Field of View angle;
11. Forest rendering optimized using constant buffers;
12. Buildings rendering optimized using constant buffers;
13. Complex multi-part meshes (aircraft and cockpits) rendering has been optimized;
14. New complex mesh format reduces mesh fragmentation, greatly increasing performance, especially in dogfights;
15. SSAO replaced by TSSAO, reducing its performance load by 2-3 times;
16. Grass rendering has been optimized by using occlusion checks;
17. Reflections on water rendering have been optimized;
18. Light rendering has been optimized by using shader model 5. Point lights (like flares) have shadows now;
19. Light rendering method TiledShading 2.5D has been improved thanks to shader model 5;
20. Landscape memory footprint has been greaty reduced thanks to DirectX 11, allowing for making landscape mesh 4 times more detailed in the future;
21. HDR rendering has been improved on low graphics presets, improving the visual quality;
Physics, AI and systems changes:
22. Frontal weapons damage model made more detailed;
23. Switching to gunner won't automatically engage autopilot while using mouse control (the plane will continue to fly straight);
24. Ju 52 can fly transport missions: cargo delivery to an airfield, cargo containers drop and special squad paradrop;
25. Ju 52 defence turret is now optional;
26. A rare bug when players could take damage long after taking off when an enemy bomb explodes on the airfield has been fixed;
27. MC.202 variometer has been corrected;
28. Fuel leak effect stops when no fuel is left;
29. Slow taxiing issue has been reduced;
30. AI shoud no more get stuck while taxiing;
31. Mission format has been changed. Binary mission files .msnbin created earlier should be deleted, you can create new ones by opening your .Mission files and resaving in Mission Editor. If you used Complex Trtigger in your missions, delete .msnbin file first then replace all CheckEntities entries in .mission file by CheckPlanes, then resave your mission in Editor. Old track records can't be played;
32. Clouds preset won't disappear in Mission Editor after altering the cloud height;
33. Landscape lighting bug has fixed in Mission Editor;
34. Complex Trigger parameter Check Entity has been replaced by more logical Check Planes;
35. Complex Trigger can be used to keep track of transport plane unloading, container and paratrooper drops in a given area;
36. Complex Trigger messages OnObjectDroppedBombs, OnObjectFiredFlare, OnObjectEnteredAlive, OnObjectFinishedStationaryAndAlive, OnObjectDamaged have been corrected;
3D models changes:
37. Fw 190 A-3 official paint schemes have been updated and 4 additional official paint schemes were added by community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar (thank you!);
38. Bf 110 E-2 official paint schemes have been updated by community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar (thank you again!);
39. Bf 109 F-2 official paint schemes have been updated and 2 additional official paint schemes were added by community member Gustav (thank you!);
skin109_1.jpg skin109_2.jpg
skin110_1.jpg skin110_2.jpg
40. Spinner on Bf 109 E-7 skins has been corrected;
41. Rear armored window texture was corrected for Bf 109 G-2;
Other changes:
42. In-game FPS counter added (Backspace key by default);
43. Screenshot folder has been changed to <game_folder>\Screenshots;
44. Paratroopers and bailed out pilots can drown;
45. Multiplayer server owners can now alter the coalition balancer config file: \data\LuaScripts\CBalancer.cfg;
46. Second allied flight now takes off properly in QMB even if enemy is near.