Dev blog #143
Dev blog #143
Hello everyone,
the year 2016 is almost ended. This year was full of news, for our product too. For us, it was hard, but very productive. The main result of this year for us is, of course, the start of the work on the next theatre of war. Update 2.006, which we recently released, was also a big improvement. Right now we are developing the new Career mode, Spitfire, Boston, He 111 H-16, IL-2 model 1943 and Fw 190 A-5 3D models and flight models of Bf 110 G-2 and Fw 190 A-5 (including the flight model correction for Fw 190 A-3 we promised). 3-dimensional sea waves technology is being adopted from Rise of Flight and simultaneously improved. We're also making a new graphics technique for realistic looking steep rock slopes for mountains, while additional objects for Battle of Kuban map are almost done. Today we can show you WIP screenshots of Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VВ:
SpitfireMkVb_1.jpg SpitfireMkVb_3.jpg SpitfireMkVb_4.jpg
We would like to tell you a short story about how we managed to have a great fun in multiplayer spending only a hour online.
Today two of us (Han and Gavrick) decided to light up the grey shades of the pre-New Year Moscow working days and fly a couple of sorties online on Expert difficulty level. We joined one of the multiplayer servers and chose a convenient target - a warehouse some distance behind the enemy lines.
We decided to fly two subsequent missions. First one on Yak-1b fighters to recon the target and determine the best bomb load and approach course and then a second one on Pe-2 series 87 bombers to destroy the chosen target.
After the first takeoff on Yak-1b fighters we climbed to 2500 meters, continued straight to the target and found out that while the enemy AAA is present, its defensive fire cover isn't too tight and we should be able to bomb the target from medium altitude. We also decided to make a bombing run on 20° course. During this recon flight we kept the speed at maximum (more than 500 km/h) and constantly altered direction to evade AAA fire.
Two enemy fighters appeared when we were about to return. One of them engaged wingman Gavrick, while the second one circled at some distance. However since we kept the maximum speed, we managed to sandwich the first fighter and damage it, then we decided to escape ASAP and return to our airfield. It is interesting to note that the second fighter did not engage, which made us think that the main enemy force is on its way. We managed to return to home airfield and suddenly Gavrick kill score increased by 1, meaning that the damaged fighter did not make it.
01_01.jpg 01_02.jpg
For the second mission we chose Pe-2 series 87 bombers carrying 4 FAB-250 bombs and half of the maximum amount of fuel each. After taking off we cautiously flew far around the main battle area and set a course for the bombing run at 30 km to the target at 4000 m altitude. Wingman Gavrick followed the flight leader Han closely while Han was searching for the target and setting the bombsight. Flight leader dropped 4 bombs in one salvo with 0.25 seconds delay between them and ordered the wingman, who was following slightly behind and to the left of the flight leader, to drop one second after him. This allowed for a wide impact pattern and the warehouse was damaged very seriously. The bombers, each one is 1 ton lighter than before, turned around while descending and begun the home run on full throttle.
02_01.jpg 02_02.jpg 02_03.jpg
Having achieved 600 km/h speed while descending, we managed to break away from any pursuers, but one Messerschmitt catched us near our airfield when we lost the extra speed. He went for the wingman first, but a joint defensive fire from two bombers forced him to break off. On the second attempt, he engaged the flight leader and scored hits at fuel tanks and left engine radiator. Thankfully, when the fighter was aiming for a final blow, a lucky burst from one of the defensive turrets detonated his ammo.
03_01.jpg 03_02.jpg 03_03.jpg
Flight leader aircraft, leaking fuel and looking like Swiss cheese, begun the landing approach with the wingman following him at less than 1 km distance. We made it to the airfield, but at the end of the landing approach we saw Yak-1 which was taxiing to runway right before our landing bombers. Fuel was leaking from the flight leader aircraft like Niagara falls and going around could end up badly, so Han shoot the forward MG in front of the taxiing Yak. After another burst the Yak-1 stopped and the bomber pair landed and ended the flight successfully.
04_01.jpg 04_02.jpg
04_03.jpg 04_04.jpg
We would like to wish you even more captivating and interesting moments both in multiplayer and singleplayer modes of the sim. We must say that when you try to follow your role and complete a certain tactical task instead of flying right into a dogfight furball hoping to score some kills, the combat flight simming becomes much more interesting.
We wish you good and interesting flights in the coming New Year 2017!