Developer Blog #50

We have some good news today, as always. Full HD dev version of Oculus Rift tuning was completed last week. Thanks to our programming team, the game is absolutely compatible with this new technology.

Also closed testing of multiplayer mode started earlier this week, and forum members with Tester avatars can confirm that. Several expected and not so obvious errors have been discovered which we’re going to fix before the game is ready for early access. So you’ll get to play multiplayer in a few weeks (1 month maximum). Outside of MP, the team has been totally busy with new up-coming features, but this early access session isn’t going to present you any new content. So, let’s keep on training for MP a little while longer.

By the way, please note this Preset Optimization thread. We kindly ask you to share with us the performance stats of your PCs running the game on different settings presets. This info will help us to tune the presets more precisely and optimize our software for numerous specific PC configurations.

Please, read full news, see fresh Pe-2 screenshots and learn about future Ju 87 modifications on the forum.