Dev blog #174
Dev blog #174
Hello everybody,
Since the last Dev Diary and until the next version release we'll be telling you about the coming gameplay modes bit by bit. Today we'll talk about the already completed (just as the rest of the Career mode meta content) feature - weekly world news updates that come in a form of a newspaper. While this feature doesn't affect the gameplay directly, it plays a major role in creating the historical background for a player, telling about what happened to this date on the Eastern front and other fronts of the world war.
news_2.jpg news_1.jpg
Moreover, the newspaper includes the list of ace pilots to this date, the most effective pilots of USSR or Germany depending on the side you're playing. The player himself would be listed there, making his way to the top (hopefully). The list will show top 20 aces for the current Career date and 5 more effective and 5 less effective aces relative to the player. It should be noted that the creation of the historically accurate weekly list of the ace victories required much work. This information is available on the Internet, but it comes in many different formats, contains many errors or typos in the names as well as formatting issues that didn't allow us to use it as is. Nevertheless, we have accumulated and standardized this data, so the weekly aces victories will be as close to the real historical values as it was possible to do.
Meanwhile, our 2D artists continue to draw the historical awards. In addition to medals and other decorations, there will be more unusual awards as well. For example, Soviet pilots were given certain money bonuses for destroying enemy objects and other achievements. Such awards will be shown like this - currency notes and a commemorative sign. Luftwaffe pilots have received different awards like trophy caps:
And the final piece of news for today (and our next surprise) is that in addition to Bf 109 G-6 we have announced in the previous Dev Diary we're also working on La-5FN series 2. As you can see below, we have its exterior 3D model almost ready. The work on its cockpit will start next week and its flight model development will follow a bit later. La-5FN fighter is a symbol of the Soviet airforce of the war, just like Bf 109 G-6 is a symbol of the German airforce. We dreamed about having them in our project for a long time and finally, we have this opportunity. We hope you'll also like this.