Developer Blog #51

First of all, about the upcoming early access session: it's an extremely rare occasion when you won't see anything specific, but you will feel it in a new way for sure. The reason is that our in-game physics has reached a brand new level in regards of aircraft systems modeling. From now on our internal combustion engine model takes into consideration the state of atmosphere. For example: its winter outdoors, the air is cold which allows an engine to perform with more power. Here in Stalingrad it is -15C, so the engines have their power increased some. 

The up-coming early access session is also going to feature new visual effects and graphical improvements on the Stalingrad map, and spotters in the combat missions as well.

As a dessert - here a couple of screenshots with a freshly added graphical effect of the vapour trail. After necessary fixes and tests it will become active and will be featured in the early access.

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