Developer Blog #52

Another week has passed keeping us busy in multiple segments of development. We're currently working on new visual effects: huge smoke domes covering the destroyed Stalingrad; bomb explosions with one particularly outstanding one - the enormous SC1800 which was the heaviest German bomb and tracers with a few shape and color corrections etc. By the way, thank you for your warm feedback about improved graphics of city ruins - we'll keep searching for the most natural looking and beautiful creative solutions trying to make the map as spectacular as possible.

One more graphical addition that unlike the previously mentioned ones is going to be featured in the early access is increased draw distance for all aerial contacts. This new feature will not depend on the field of view (from max to min). As for the gameplay updates, we're adding anti-aircraft artillery so keep focused and take care of yourselves. This is the very first implementation of AAA, it's far from final so please don't rush to criticize, but constructive suggestions are very welcome.

For more details about the next week of early access, please, visit the forum.