Developer Blog #58

As we stated last week, the key element of this early access session is multiplayer. We tried to do as much as we could to make this test successful and to let you not only feel involved in the project development, but also enjoy the process.

Of course, multiplayer is different from the single player experience that you’ve already had because live players are just not like the bots. On the one hand, players make mistakes and get distracted more often than AI. On the other hand, true aces are born in these battles and they can turn dogfights into some sort of deadly sport as if a real life was at stake. Kill or be killed! Well, you can become such a sportsman or join other pilots and find yourself in another role – it’s up to you. Anyway, the game modes are not yet complete, there’re only a few tips and helpers that can assist you. So you are very welcome to use your imagination for your entertainment.

We will open 4 servers. 2 of them will be hosted in the Americas, and 2 more will be placed in Europe. So, both main groups of players will be able to play with minimal latency.

For more details about the 17th week of early access, please, visit our forum.