Developer Blog #60

This has been quite a hardworking week, but also a useful and important one. First of all I’d like you to pay attention to the site maintenance earlier today. We’ve added an improved customer support helpdesk. All answers to your frequently asked questions have been gathered here, and you’ll be able to submit your own ticket as well so we could help to resolve your issue ASAP.

As it was said on Wednesday, we present you the multicrew MP feature today. This means that you won’t be alone in you IL-2 or Stuka anymore, and your trusty friend – is a real person, not AI who will be protecting your six o’clock. Note for the future: turret guns in BOS are as effective against your own plane as they are against the enemies. So it’s wise to be picky when choosing a fellow traveller. Speaking of gameplay, multi-crew works pretty simply and intuitively: you enter a server, look at the mission map and choose to spawn in somebody’s plane as a crew member.

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