Update 3.010
Update 3.010

Dear pilots,

The new content will be made available in a few weeks, but we have decided to release the update 3.010 now to publish many improvements and fixes which are already ready. U-2VS Collector Plane is now available in Career mode and can be equipped with rockets. P-47D-28 now sports 4K textures made by Martin =ICDP= Catney. There are also DM improvements and we hope this update should finish the current cycle of DM improvements for now. Important multiplayer and AI fixes are also in. Last, but not the least, is the optimized GUI which should yield more performance in flight. The full change list follows:


1. New exterior 4K textures for P-47D-28 (main, bump, specular, official paint schemes) by Martin =ICDP= Catney;
2. U-2VS Collector Plane is now available in Stalingrad and Kuban careers (night bombing missions);
3. U-2VS Collector Plane can be equipped with ROS-82 and RBS-82 unguided rockets;
4. Buildings can be destroyed by an aircraft impact;

DM improvements
5. HE rounds no longer damage armored objects without penetrating the armor in certain cases;
6. AP rounds penetration of a multi-element armor has been fixed (reduced);
7. AP rounds can travel further after penetrating a target through;
8. Now wings are correctly damaged when their root parts are hit on Bf-109F/G/K, Ju-87, IL-2, I-16, La-5, Yak-1, Yak-7, LaGG-3, MiG-3, U-2, MC 202, P-39, P-40;
9. The sturdiness of the tail part of the fuselage has been corrected for all planes;
10. Ramming with the propeller has been reworked;
11. Previously developed tech (instability of the airflow around the damaged parts of the aircraft skinning) has been applied to all aircraft;
12. Ballistics and armor penetration of BR-350B and BR-350BSP rounds (F-34, ZiS-5 and ZiS-3 guns) has been corrected according to the report TsNII-48 2VV-2;
13. Pz-VI-H1: weak spots in the gun mantlet have been corrected;
14. Soldiers walking on airfields can be killed now;
15. Rear right wheel damage has been corrected for all wheeled vehicles;

Multiplayer improvements
16. A large mission running on a server won't prevent some players from joining;
17. Data delivery under heavy loaded servers has been reworked. We hope this will help to fix several problems caused by data loss, such as 'greyed out start button', 'damage application delay', 'AA fire delay', 'invisible planes', 'invulnerable planes', etc.;
18. The game (and the server) won't freeze for several moments when a very large bomb explodes in a very dense built-up area;

AI and FM improvements
19. One more case of AI following its target into the ground has been found and fixed;
20. AI correctly turns on the engine in a ground start situation without taxiing;
21. P-47D-28 stall behavior has been corrected;
22. Detached P-47D-28 flaps appear correctly now;
23. Bombsights in an automatic mode made less jumpy;

GUI improvements
24. Many GUI elements made clearer;
25. Automatic GUI scale option added (useful for 4K screens and VR);
26. Lists rendering has been optimized, improving the overall GUI performance, settings and Career mode responsiveness, etc;
27. In-game GUI has been optimized, yielding up to 20% performance in some cases;
28. Switching the HUD on and off or changing the mini-map scale no longer causes a delay;
29. Multiplayer gunner positions dialog window has been corrected for Ju 88 A-4;
30. Target symbols made clearer on the navigation map

Other improvements
31. Certain buildings shouldn't levitate above the terrain anymore;
32. Some bridges with uneven driveways were fixed;
33. Aircraft cruise speeds were corrected in the Career mode so wingmen won't lag behind the flight leaders;
34. Previously AI-only unit 293rd IAP is now joinable by the player in Stalingrad and Kuban TOWs;
35. "Blazing Steppe" and "Sea Dragons" campaigns are now available in French thanks to Dominique Girouard;
36. "Fortress on the Volga" campaign is now available in German thanks to II/JG11ATLAN, ram0506 and =27=Davesteu.
37. "Havoc over the Kuban" campaign has been updated.