Developer Blog #61

Today’s Dev Blog is entirely devoted to the upcoming game version which goes straight to Early Access. But some important news comes first. The Early Access servers will be open 24/7 starting this week. Two weeks of challenging tests and daring debugging sessions showed us that we can handle it now and you can actually play it. Game and specifically multiplayer access will be permanent with exceptions for short updates or maintenance breaks. The number of MP servers will remain limited for some more time - we still may need stress tests which are only possible while the number of servers is limited. However, one extra server has been started earlier this week - it’s the Duel Server with a proper duel mission running on it. By the way, thanks again to those in the community who helped make this community request a reality.

Today we give you the Pe-2, the first two-engine aircraft in the project. I bet this is something you’ve been looking forward to, because there’re so many bomber fans on our forums. The plane is pretty much complete, but the bomb sight is not ready yet and it will be added later. Note that it shouldn’t stop you from using it as a dive bomber which the Pe-2 was. Of course, the Peshka will be offered with all her unlocks available. It will also be put into multiplayer missions, so get ready to gather your own crew including navigator and radio-operator.

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