Developer Blog #62

Today we've decided to answer some of the most topical questions that you ask us on the forums. But now some important news about early access: please, uninstall the game completely before you update it later today. Then download the fresh client version from your profile page and install it again.

Also today we invite you to join us in developing unlockable content for the game. I'm speaking about actual part in creating it. As you know, there are at least 10 extra skins per each plane that will be added as unlockables. Obviously, there are dozens of candidates but we want to have only the most remarkable, the most recognizable ones. So we suggest you to pick those skins that you'd love to see in the game. Use internet, books, albums and any other sources and references that can provide you info about our planes.

Read our answers to players questions and learn more about the skin suggestions on the forum.