Developer Blog #63

Traditionally the dev blog that announces adding new planes is the most welcomed and appreciated. Well, it’s that kind of dev blog today because tonight we give you Bf-109 G-2 and put the Yak-1 into multiplayer. Our tests of the Gustav showed us that it’s a strong fighter and the long-awaited release of the Yak in MP was necessary to help equal the chances of Soviet pilots. Both planes will become available today on all MP servers.

Beside the new planes, we present you a new variation of the clouds that actually have been shown earlier this week. The work is not yet complete however and your feedback mostly proves that we’ve been moving in the right direction and all that’s left to do is to improve the current result.

Also speaking of technologies: today’s update is going to include multi-GPU support for nVIDIA and AMD hardware. So, using two or more video-cards connected with SLI or Crossfire will give you a significant boost to performance. All owners of corresponding configs are recommended to turn them on in the SLI/Crossfire settings check out their effectiveness in BOS.

Read more about the update on our forum.