Dev blog #230
Dev blog #230

Dear Pilots,

Summer is drawing to a close once again and our offices in Moscow and Las Vegas are finally transitioning to cooler weather. The Fall season brings warm sweaters and more indoor time with the family and more time playing your favorite combat flight-simulation – IL-2 Sturmovik!! The team is very busy preparing the next update due later this month which will be a big one, but not quite the final one before Battle of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus are considered ready for release. We also continue our work on Tank Crew which has some new features and improvements coming as well. 

In light of our crammed schedule, we simply leave you with some new images of our P-38J-25 and P-51D-15 and a shot of our A.I. B-25 from Battle of Bodenplatte! 


B-25_1.thumb.jpg.e5607c2a0daedfa1dcda17517df4e70b.jpg P-38_1.thumb.jpg.c150855e054a12ecf3a11567da8aff33.jpg P-38_2.thumb.jpg.a06c0f63ffebbb9c95fa2f421b2f48b3.jpg

P-38_3.thumb.jpg.f4d80bff610f57116c5d7ae51aa6a5f9.jpg P-38_4.thumb.jpg.a0cd41761ed7920614042104a499323a.jpg P-38_5.thumb.jpg.634bd6846a7f689c7d4776c8a6f64c0f.jpg

P-38_6.thumb.jpg.ee810b4c68ffd757589c7d517ad19784.jpg P-38_7.thumb.jpg.d3ab9ce3bdc6e236b587dedd49eddf69.jpg P-39_9.thumb.jpg.148a7be3c99f0cb6d64e1013362f20c0.jpg

P-51_1.thumb.jpg.8ae9ad528917846dab47927b3fe0d433.jpg P-51_2.thumb.jpg.2a19a83cba9eba97c4ac12aa32422f3d.jpg P-51_3.thumb.jpg.2324879056a6d62eff770dcf83dea52f.jpg

P-51_4.thumb.jpg.b76f1cb928584b133eb3b0bef4c84c0c.jpg P-51_5.thumb.jpg.b736ee1eafcac9a6f8c0392b92c726e6.jpg P-51_6.thumb.jpg.c1ab67a180c322ed8bc976374ede7baf.jpg

P-51_7.thumb.jpg.434c6f1ec1b2df1946b8a6c739fef3cc.jpg P-51_8.thumb.jpg.17e887eec036def09e923a256620d519.jpg