Dev blog #237
Dev blog #237

Hello everybody,

It finally snows in Moscow while we continue the work on the new aircraft. Including the new Collector Planes for both the Western and Eastern fronts of the war - Yak-9, Yak-9T and Hurricane. Today we're ready to show you the progress achieved at the moment for the British Hurricane, which will have 5 (!) different modifications in our sim:

  1. Hurricane Mk.IIa: basic model armed with 8 х 7.69 mm Browning MGs;
  2. Hurricane Mk.IIb: the number of MGs has been increased to 12;
  3. Hurricane Mk.IIc: this model had 4 x 20 mm Hispano guns;
  4. Hurricane Mk.IId: anti-tank model armed with 2 x 40 mm Vickers-S guns and 2 x 7.69 mm MGs;
  5. Hurricane Mk.II with Soviet weaponry that was installed on the Lend-Lease aircraft: 2 х 12.7 mm UB MGs, 2 x 20 mm ShVAK guns and Soviet bomb and rocket holders.

We hope that this nice selection of the Hurricane models suitable both for the Western and Eastern front would be a great addition to IL-2 Sturmovik series:

_01.thumb.jpg.b4f5f726465e38015d5fa6bde2aa3519.jpg_02.thumb.jpg.2b70811c83046a2e787caf4a733a0335.jpg _03.thumb.jpg.51145705307ac72a14cdc87be3c31124.jpg_04.thumb.jpg.60175c3fffcb853d00272e908d7f11eb.jpg _05.thumb.jpg.85da2e51df1d34ff4bef76b16a381311.jpg_06.thumb.jpg.0f54b429619790a31457c13a58234e7a.jpg _07.thumb.jpg.b40624447f55b205f8013a6c6bbef952.jpg_08.thumb.jpg.09d6df2b8d4b55b64d11e281a94d985b.jpg _09.thumb.jpg.01e714c2107406d96bb240373275aebc.jpg_10.thumb.jpg.1885605bbeb767662f9396d02dfab39c.jpg _11.thumb.jpg.ea91db29cc21e9023767daeecc3da20d.jpg_12.thumb.jpg.b7b64c7993030eec7fd0da3ffb03a15e.jpg