Dev blog #252
Dev blog #252

Hello friends,

As you know, the recently released update 4.006 brought many important and interesting changes. Our work continues and soon we will start to prepare the new update 4.008 that is planned to include P-47D-22 "Razorback" fighter for Battle of Normandy and tank destroyer Sd.Kfz.184 "Ferdinand" for Tank Crew. You may have noticed and wondered why the mission number isn't 4.007? The answer is that we plan to release an intermediate update before that, it will add some important functionality and new features. They will be based on your feedback mostly and will bring some features long-awaited by the community. The update 4.007 is already in beta testing and we hope it will be ready in the coming week. Among other changes it will include 4К quality external texturing by Martin =ICDP= Catney for the legendary Ju-87D-3 from Battle of Stalingrad, here are some screenshots of it:

ju87_1.thumb.jpg.2d836e6bb436db67ce97de3857219017.jpgju87_2.thumb.jpg.aea32acbf54b76e8863e605d1f3835a7.jpg ju87_3.thumb.jpg.a93dea0ac60dc439550aabf2b43be8cc.jpgju87_4.thumb.jpg.d08561a45d07ff9988fe6b392bc4ef99.jpg ju87_5.thumb.jpg.041d9f2e911f0b28e9e0d2b8758920f1.jpgju87_6.thumb.jpg.66399897b25816b2de5aa3dcf6f4a16c.jpg

Speaking on the update 4.008, which is planned for late June - early July, we have also something to show you already. Another legendary plane, P-47D-22 "Razorback", will begin the Early Access for Battle of Normandy:

p47_1.thumb.jpg.e93b745eaed19d125485665077f91c4e.jpgp47_2.thumb.jpg.fddd46ccb021196ac0cfa4b71c9589e0.jpg p47_3.thumb.jpg.b283c8f7e01bc70c10ecee2f57beec05.jpgp47_4.thumb.jpg.921e968ccd26f8cfead7616fb88a91da.jpg p47_5.thumb.jpg.64de5f3f5cc1c25450bb797a5af6c916.jpgp47_6.thumb.jpg.9c514c87fea4309584aa21fcc2f5fa06.jpg