Dev blog #267
Dev blog #267

Hello everybody,

Many of you ask us how is the development of the recently announced mobile AAA is going. The physical model of a wheeled vehicle is nearly complete while the visual model of the Soviet GAZ-MM with 72-K AA gun being developed by our partners at Digital Forms has made good progress. You can see the attention to detail on these screenshots, it's really a labor of love:

01.thumb.jpg.a786910fe49dc2c3445c411916cc3553.jpg 02.thumb.jpg.87fba95bc700339a8fbb251943233093.jpg03.thumb.jpg.754a81df4780b052b491fc18ed4b4d14.jpg 04.thumb.jpg.e37a47fdd7584889dca6d4ebbaf76372.jpg05.thumb.jpg.5b04a6a84e3b4c93b95695b08d03e8c0.jpg

You may wonder how fast the German half-track chassis can be developed since it is partly wheeled and partly tracked, but in our engine, the player controllable vehicles have a sophisticated module structure where a combination of various propulsion types is possible. We plan to start the implementation of the German AAA half truck soon. On the other hand, the AA gunsights are a new thing, but we hope to make them as functional as Tank Crew artillery sights.

Meanwhile, we're working on updating all the existing aircraft in the sim with the new visual models of the crew. All the fighters were given the new pilot models where it was possible to do in a universal way previously, and now we're adding the new models to the planes where unique adjustments are required. In the coming update, you'll get the new pilot model for P-39L-1. More detailed pilot appearance aside, this also means that an American or British pilot will be displayed if a P-39 is set to one of the countries in the mission file. Also, our friend Martin =ICDP= Catney has created an additional RAF skin for this airplane.

11.thumb.jpg.883f06a8c879faa6f97c88daef454dcb.jpg 12.thumb.jpg.381f50a06e3656fbbb7d57d3b3b9678a.jpg13.thumb.jpg.909af475deb8ce0ce38bcf0ca8f6a48f.jpg

Another of the many questions we got recently after showing the video of the new terrain effect on the vehicles, is how the new detailed terrain roughness will affect the aircraft outside the prepared airfields when making an emergency landing for instance or taking off from a field (which is an even more difficult task naturally). We think the best answer would be another short video: