Dev blog #272
Dev blog #272

Dear friends,

Earlier this week we have published update 4.506 that brought the new aircraft for the Battle of Normandy and many important improvements, but the preparation of this update did not slow down our main development. Soon we'll be able to show the first teaser screenshots of the new map, while today we have for you several of the unique buildings that you'll see in the Normandy and Southern English coast cities -  Royal Hospital Haslar (Gosport, Hampshire), Abbey of Saint-Étienne (Caen) and Bayeux and Rouen Cathedrals.

_landmark1.thumb.jpg.7cf5c3bc8fbaa31a1941c56f229b531e.jpg_landmark2.thumb.jpg.90e7f4b155410c276e308bf3d486f089.jpg _landmark3.thumb.jpg.308650712820a4bcf5b6c55d3f9b5406.jpg_landmark4.thumb.jpg.035f688f246d5138f47c33eedf596244.jpg

We are also glad to report that the next Battle of Normandy fighter, Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV, will be finished soon - its FM should be ready in a month while its visual model, including the cockpit, is nearly finished. Here are the first in-game shots of this legendary aircraft:

_Spit1.thumb.jpg.53c0dd4c2808a0b2b62920ecbba5e3a9.jpg _Spit2.thumb.jpg.d2cf7ffe42f89f482d7b6460af11e929.jpg_Spit3.thumb.jpg.efc6ac8bfbae9e6482b998011561b7b7.jpg _SpitCpt1.thumb.jpg.869052603c6f9f158a598d0ac5ac4ceb.jpg _SpitCpt2.thumb.jpg.851676d91ebc77c180ffeac1ab68c727.jpg_SpitCpt3.thumb.jpg.69ab2e6ade25db4ab5d4b09980acf62e.jpg

Together with our partners at Digital Forms, we continue building the player-controlled AAA trucks - the Soviet 72-K AA gun installed on the GAZ-MM truck chassis will be ready soon. The visual and physical models of the truck itself are complete, the 3D model of the gun is created and we're working on animating it and its crew. Ballistics are recreated according to the historical data and the rounds already have self-destruct fuzes (you may have seen such fuzes in action when fired from other AA guns in this week's update). This in-game screenshot demonstrates the state of its completion: