Dev blog #276
Dev blog #276

Hello everybody,

Another week has passed and our work has moved another step forward. The Collector AAA vehicle, 25-mm automatic gun installed on the chassis of the GAZ-MM truck will be finished soon - the physical model of the truck is ready, as are the automatic gun animations and functioning, all animations of the chassis and the crew, as well as gun ballistics and damage model, are also done. The correction system for the gunsight that turned out to be incredibly complex kinematically is in. The unique audio and more detailed tech of the tires visualization and deformation are icing on the cake. All these elements have something new and are believed to be interesting for the end-user to familiarize with and learn something new. At the moment we're improving the visual look of the new vehicle, the texturing of the gun, and apply the new DVD tech we talked about in our previous Dev Blog to make the result the best.

_72K_1.thumb.jpg.fc008da93b4e98e270d407df8ba0e87e.jpg_72K_2.thumb.jpg.8d474271339bfef0c874dcac513ec43e.jpg _72K_3.thumb.jpg.fb47b265c230097e9f7d17925689bc3e.jpg_72K_4.thumb.jpg.a3f865ae91aef1dc4f5139db7a7f1d5f.jpg _72K_5.thumb.jpg.ba6ac56ae85fde0323c587397f7ee955.jpg_72K_6.thumb.jpg.546a95115175b15cdaa6628f233c6f41.jpg _72K_7.thumb.jpg.1e1b3a8e3fd5c02bf58a6561e9e1a303.jpg_72K_8.thumb.jpg.b454390b39524bd96dcc828049d46c21.jpg

Meanwhile, a part of our mapping department works on improving the railyards on the Rheinland map (Bodenplatte project). They aren't the most striking or shiny detail of the numerous cities on this map, but they do improve the overall visual look of the scene and make the landscape more realistic. This time we can show you the screenshots of the railroad structures in the cities of Cologne, Brussels, Bonn, Duisburg, Liege, Mainz, Frankfurt am Mein.


_rw_Cologne_2.thumb.jpg.ab79e40d84b28a6b9ae88cf68e283a7c.jpg_rw_Cologne_3.thumb.jpg.b2898653ee0296043264a0b260a562c1.jpg _rw_Bonn.thumb.jpg.371c2191dee0e926559c31bb915ae57f.jpg_rw_Brussels.thumb.jpg.53657fa59f2e5e64034c1f3a47fbb91f.jpg _rw_Duisburg.thumb.jpg.08b4f5ff42877d1f70acec0219cff9de.jpg_rw_Frankfurt.thumb.jpg.2ada5296155ebee80f2b588c39ae9562.jpg _rw_Liege.thumb.jpg.30500134aed5caa3188d2ac961b51688.jpg_rw_Mainz.thumb.jpg.b603ef4b0ac9c57a4b76c1dbd23d9b57.jpg