Update 4.605
Update 4.605

Dear Friends,

We just released the 4.605 update. The changelist is not as long as usual, but one of the additions is very important for all who prefer single-player - Advanced Quick Mission Generator. This mode is designed for cases when you want something more advanced than a simple Quick Mission and less advanced than a full Career and gives the player instant access to customizable combat missions on Moscow, Stalingrad, Kuban and Rhineland maps. The base airfield, aircraft, time, weather, mission target, etc. can be customized, yielding a quick way to create and play a unique scenario you want (none of them will be the same thanks to variability). We're positive you'll like it.


In addition, we added another airplane to Flying Circus Vol.II Early Access program - two-seater bomber Breguet XIV.B2. It was recreated with additional detail compared to its predecessor in Rise of Flight - for instance, now it has manual fuel mixture control and a primitive flight stick load compensator. Its flight characteristics were checked and corrected. The gunner seat became more detailed.


There are many other additions as well: light tracers were made more visible by increasing their brightness keeping all their enhancements made in the previous update, various graphical effects were improved, certain AI routines important for scenario missions were improved as well.


The full 4.605 changelist follows:

1. Breguet XIV.B2 single-engine bomber is now available to all owners of Flying Circus Vol.II;
2. Advanced Quick Mission Generator added to the Quick Mission menu on Moscow, Stalingrad, Kuban and Rhineland maps with the following possible mission types:
    a) Intercept bombers;
    b) Intercept ground attack planes;
    c) Intercept transport planes;
    d) Escort bombers;
    e) Escort ground attack planes;
    f) Column attack;
    g) Artillery position attack;
    h) Train attack;
    i) Airfield attack;
    j) Anti-shipping attack;
    k) Ground troops support;
    l) Ships support;
    m) Ships cover;
    n) Cargo delivery;
    o) Cargo paradrop;
    p) Special mission squad paradrop;
    q) Artillery position bombing strike;
    r) Railway station bombing strike;
    s) Airfield bombing strike;
    t) Supply dump bombing strike;
    u) Bridge bombing strike;
3. Thanks to our tester J2_Trupobaw, Polish localization was added to the Steel Birds campaign;
4. Projectile tracers brightness increased slightly;
5. Ricochets happen at reduced hit angles;
6. Additional improvements were made to the effects of aircraft explosions when hitting the ground;
7. New aircraft ammunition explosion effects added for aircraft of various sizes;
8. Pfalz XII and DH4 can have bullet holes on the expansion tank and upper fuel tank, respectively.
9. Oil splatter on windshield effect added to Nieuport 28, SPAD 7, Airco DH.IV and Fokker D.VIII;
10. SPAD VII 180hp - fixed a bug that caused the automatic helper to forcibly open the water cooler at high altitudes;
11. Airco DH.IV bomb coordinates corrected (the bombs were overlapping with holders);
12. An issue was fixed that caused the Airco DH.IV wing frame not to receive damage from bullet hits;
13. The excessive wing frame resistance to enemy fire of Fokker D.VII and Fokker D.VIIF was corrected. Nevertheless, its construction means that these aircraft are still the most durable fighters of their time;
14. The wing frame resistance to enemy fire of Halberstadt CL.II D.IIIa/D.IIIau and DH-4 was corrected (increased);
15. Firing player-controlled anti-aircraft guns creates correct lighting effects;
16. Pz.III Ausf.M, Pz.IV Ausf.G and Pz.V Ausf.D with mounted side shields have improved interactions of the side shields with obstacles;
17. Animation of windshield wipers was significantly improved on player controllable trucks;
18. Fixed accidental death of some tank crew members when leaving a vehicle;
19. The point at which a plane appears in the parking lot of Mont St. Eloi Airfield (Arras, 0605-6) has been moved further away from the buildings to accommodate larger planes such as the new Breguet XIV.B2;
20. Fixed an issue where anti-aircraft searchlights were not targeting the player's aircraft in a Quick Mission;
21. A-20 and B-25 bombers: if the country is set to US the mission, the commander (and the assistant on B-25) now has a unique, historically more correct model. This new model includes combat-worn body armor and helmet;
22. Improved detailing of Fw 190 A3/A5/A6/A8 cockpits by Oyster_KAI;
23. Fixed an issue where AI fighters were endlessly chasing a fleeing target;
24. Fixed application crash of clients connected to the multiplayer server created from the game at the moment of the server eit to the main menu;
25. Added cloud subtype selection in Quick Mission (previously it was selected randomly);
26. Fixed an issue where only the leader of a group of landing AI planes defended against enemy planes;
27. Changed the probability of randomly selected allied and enemy squadrons in the Career mode which should increase the variability of different types of aircraft in a mission.
28. Buildings and other objects outside the mission area in Pilot Career mode are correctly removed to shorten mission loading time;
29. An error in the location database in the Battle of Moscow Pilot Career that caused 132nd BAP careers to stop working after February 27th, 1942 has been fixed.