Dev blog #297
Dev blog #297

Dear Pilots,

Today’s DD is short and to the point. We have WIP pics of the Arado 234 B-2 cockpit that is being built by Phil and one of our new modelers Vasily. It’s looking good so far! An interesting cockpit for an interesting and groundbreaking plane.



Also, we have images of some new cloud formations, some thicker and some thinner at different parts of the day. Clouds are progressing. Not quite ready for beta testing yet, but getting closer.


And finally, you already have these in the 4.605b Hotfix we released yesterday, but we now have 4K skins for the Auntie Ju made by intrepid artist Martin =ICDP= Catney. Here are a few shots to show off some of his work. Almost all planes have now been brought up to the 4K standard. Really an awesome accomplishment considering the sheer number of airplanes involved and the time commitment! The template for the JU 52 is also now available. Thank you, Martin!