Dev blog #329 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Dev blog #329
Dev blog #329

Dear Friends,

This one will be very short, sorry: we're preparing the update 5.002 release candidate right now and you already know what it will contain - Churchill tank (that was extensively covered by Daniel in the previous DD), dynamic visual damage and tactical numbers for all Great Battles aircraft and Normandy map improvements. We'll post the info about all this improvements simultaneously with the update release (hopefully it will happen early next week). Therefore there is little new info we can share today with two exceptions.

First, community member Enigma89 has published an interview with us:

 And second, here's the first in-game shot of IAR and its cockpit which is early WIP at the moment:


However if you the IAR cockpit looks rather too "work in progress"-ish, take a look at this :)


Have a great weekend and enjoy BoN!