Dev blog #336 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Dev blog #336
Dev blog #336

Dear Friends,

As we have mentioned during one of the video streams earlier, there are additional Collector Planes in development which are modifications of the existing ones in our sim. Today we can tell you a bit about one of them: the Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6/AS.

This model of the Bf-109 G6 has been designed as a high-altitude interceptor and appeared in the Western Europe skies during late Spring 1944, so it fits in the Battle of Normandy and Bodenplatte Career timeframes. 686 aircraft were built, 226 from the scratch and 460 upgraded from G-6 modification aircraft during the repairs. The engine, DB605AS was a modification of the DB605A . The installation of the bigger supercharger from the DB603 engine has increased the critical altitude and flight characteristics at high altitudes. The engine cowling became bigger, but it had a more aerodynamic form compared to a standard G6 cowling.


The base model of this aircraft in Great Battles will have the DB605AS engine working on B4 fuel (87 octane) with 1.42 ATA and 1435 HP takeoff power (1 minute limit). There will be the following modifications available:

  • DB605ASM engine using С3 fuel (100 octane) allowing 1.7 ATA and 1800 HP takeoff power (around 3 minute limit);
  • DB605ASM engine using С3 fuel (100 octane) with MW50 water-methanol injection system, allowing 1.7 ATA and 1800 HP takeoff power (up to 10 minutes time limit while there is water-methanol mixture left). In this modification the engine can take the takeoff power longer, but the downside is that the aircraft becomes around 100 kg heavier (MW50 weight).


Bf-109 G6/AS had a bigger tail fin, Erla Haube canopy and fixed loop radio compass. Additional weapon modifications will include:

  • MK-108 engine cannon (replacing the MG151/20);
  • Two underwing MG151/20 guns;
  • Two 210mm WGr 21 rockets;
  • 250 kg underfuselage bomb.


Previously we have seen a number of player requests to have this 109 model in Great Battles and we always strive to meet the player requests whenever we have the opportunity. At the moment the 3D model of the aircraft is nearly done and the work on its FM and systems is ongoing.