Dev blog #339 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Dev blog #339
Dev blog #339

Dear Friends,

Today we have more news about the next update 5.101. Among other things, it will bring the Pilot Career mode for the Flying Circus Vol. II, which will mark its official release. We start the beta-testing of the Career today while our partners at Yugra Media plan to complete the fine-tuning and debugging of the map by the end of the month.


The Career mode is the last piece of the puzzle that the Flying Circus project was missing in order to fully reproduce the set of game features that were available in our old World War I project Rise of Flight. Simultaneously, we are also negotiating with Yugra Media about the continuation of the Flying Circus series. Our goal is to fully reproduce the aircraft set and the Rise of Flight map in the modern engine. We are hoping for a positive outcome and your support, since the player interest primarily affects our decisions.


Flying Circus not only reproduces Rise of Flight in the Great Battles game world, but also brings many innovations that we have developed over the past decade. In addition to the obvious things like better visual model quality, there are a number of additions such as possibility to bail out, oxygen equipment, machine gun jamming when overheated, custom tactical numbers and other nice additions that make flying a World War I airplane much more believable and impressive. The Western Front map presented in Flying Circus Vol.II reproduces the features of the landscape in more detail and contains a number of infrastructure and military facilities that were missing in Rise of Flight. The work is at the final stage and should be completed by the beginning of March.


Now let’s look at the details of the new mode. WWI Career will contain two phases:
1. From April 1st till September 30th, 1917.
2. From April 1st till November 11th, 1918.
In contrast to the Rise of Flight, there is no winter of 1917-1918 because Vol.II has only one season so far (it will be made continuous in Vol. III if it is created).


In the two main areas completed on the Vol. II stage map, the career mode will use 105 airfields for the player's flights. In comparison to the Rise of Flight, the airfields in these squares were significantly refined. The player will be able to join 9 French, 15 British, 6 American and 12 German squadrons (total 42). Among them, of course, there will be the famous La Fayette, No. 56 Squadron, 94th Aero Squadron, Jasta Boelcke and Jasta 11.


At the moment, World War I career mode has 17 types of missions and it takes advantage of all the improvements which have been developed by us over the past ten years after Rise of Flight. Starting next week, the work will begin on missions unique to the Great War, such as Balloon Hunt, Photo Recon, Artillery Fire Adjustment and Visual Recon, which we plan to complete by the project release.


To summarize, Flying Circus Vol. II is in the final stages of development and its release should happen really soon. Stay tuned!