5.103 Patch, Roadmap and Special Event Announcement / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
5.103 Patch, Roadmap and Special Event Announcement
5.103 Patch, Roadmap and Special Event Announcement

Dear Friends,

Today we have several pieces of news for you at once. Firstl, patch 5.103 has just been published - its changelog is not very long, but contains some important points:

  1. Fixed Animation Operator objects animations in multiplayer for the upcoming in-game event;
  2. SSW D.IV stall behavior has been corrected (now the aircraft stalls without warning shaking);
  3. Fixed the virtual camera position on the SSW D.IV wing;
  4. A new type of task has been added to the Battle of Normandy career - escorting transport aircraft with various cargoes, including ambulance ones;
  5. Fixed the continuation of the career of a German pilot from Jasta 24 on the Western Front after August 25, 1918;
  6. When attacking enemy balloons, enemy AI pilots will engage the player and his group as it should be;
  7. Scenarios for Gota G.V and Handley Page O/100 WWI bombers added;
  8. Fixed a bug in the operation of the bombsight instruments when the interface is hidden;
  9. Hidden GUI state will no longer persist across game restarts;
  10. Fixed a bug in the Bodenplatte Career mode that resulted in an error message in some missions that included the new Bf 109 G-6AS;
  11. Against the Tide campaign updated;
  12. Campaigns "Against the Tide" and "Wild Mustangs" are translated into Spanish.

Also, remember the plans for 2023 and beginning of 2024 we have shared with you earlier in DD? Here’s a visual illustration.


You probably noticed a mention of a certain in-game event - now we can reveal what it will be.

The event is an air race on fighter aircraft we’re preparing together with VIRPIL Controls company. There will be two aircraft, Bf 109 F4 and Yak-1 series 69, which are included in our base module Battle of Stalingrad standard edition (if you play IL-2 on Steam, you have it already). You can pilot the bird you are more familiar with: the best results will be determined in each category separately.

The races will be held in two stages - qualification, which will last at least for several days starting on June 1, and the finals, the date of which will be announced later.

To participate, it will be enough to go to one of the race servers and fly the track on the selected aircraft as fast as you can - the number of attempts during the qualification stage is not limited. The completion time in each attempt will be recorded automatically, the best time will be taken into account. Please note that after the end of the event all the participants who have flown the track at least once will receive a small gift on our website.

If you are playing the Steam version of IL-2, then the IL-2 and Steam accounts must be linked so that the server could identify you (your nickname must be visible in the main menu of the game). If you have not linked your accounts yet, you can do it quickly - click on the automatically generated pilot name in the main menu of the Steam version of the game and then either enter your IL-2 login and password or go through registration there.

After the end of the qualification stage there will be final flights to determine the winners among the pilots who showed the best results. All finalists will receive special gifts from 1C Game Studios and from VIRPIL Controls.

Please join our special Discord channel to discuss anything related to the event.

You can train on the qualification track right now on our servers in the Coop mode (server name: WarBRD Race Tournament).

Wait for the announcement of the beginning of the qualifying races!