Dev blog #347 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Dev blog #347
Dev blog #347

Dear Friends,

Summer is almost over and many team members are on their way back from vacation. During the year, the IL-2 team has grown at a record pace - 17 talented professionals have joined us. These programmers, artists, and other specialists have now finished their training, settled into the project, and are working full-time on all kinds of neat stuff, both announced and yet to be announced. You may know the only person who left due to family reasons - Kurt, our former Community Manager. (Fortunately, he is doing well and we wish him all the best). Please bear with us - even though it may seem like things are quiet from the outside, there is still a lot of work going on. Of course, all of the team members, old and new, are getting paid for more than just being really nice people.

Today we want to show you the screenshots of the new planes that were taken today - they are in beta testing right now.

The next two planes in Flying Circus Volume III are already in the air. Meet the legendary Nieuport 17...


and Albatros D.II.


The Soviet cousin of the C-47, the Li-2, is slowly but surely making its way there as well. This time there is a bit of winter action here.


The upcoming 5.106 update will bring even more improvements. There will be new Career Mode missions (including an Intruder mission, a deep strike into enemy territory), updated campaigns, and more.

See you in the skies!