Update 5.108 / IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles
Update 5.108
Update 5.108

Dear Friends,

Another update, 5.108, is live. It adds a new airplane to Flying Circus Vol.III Early Access - this time it is a British two-seater F.E.2b - and fixes a number of minor issues.

We have covered it in detail in our Dev Blog #352. In short, it was an unusual design compared to the rest of Great War and later aircraft - a pusher two-seater biplane with the gunner positioned in front of the pilot. Later in the war they switched to a night bomber role.


Meanwhile, the preparation of the next update has started already - we're planning to release a lot more new content, including three new aircraft! Please stay tuned, we'll tell you about it in our next Dev Blogs.

5.108 Change List

  1. F.E.2 two-seater airplane is available in Early Access for all owners of "Flying Circus Vol. III";
  2. La-5 and La-5F oil temperature gauge corrected;
  3. Li-2: the clock shows flight time;
  4. Nieuport 17 GBR (British): superfluous parts won't appear among the debris;
  5. Normandy and Rhineland Career mode: Attack Support and Defense Support missions added;
  6. Overlord campaign updated and is now available in Spanish thanks to E69_Cananas;
  7. Achtung - Spitfire! campaign updated;
  8. La-5 and La-5F: default trimmer positions are set for horizontal flight at 3000m altitude in nominal operation mode;
  9. La-5, F, FN: the radius of the damaged propeller was changed so the nose of the aircraft won't "hang" in the air in case of a nose-down incident;
  10. Fixed issue that make it possible to keep an installed modification in multiplayer when moving from the mission where it was available to a mission where it is not allowed;
  11. Albatros D2, Halberstadt D2: fire and fuel tank leakage effects corrected;
  12. U-2VS: bomb sight added.