Dev blog #262
Dev blog #262

Dear friends,

Today we'll continue to show you the progress of the aircraft currently in development. The hero of the day is two-seater this time, twin-engine fighter/bomber De Havilland Mosquito F.B.Mk.VI Series II we're making for Battle of Normandy. This famous and popular WWII British RAF plane had an unusual and distinct look (well, the same can be said about most British aircraft). But it's interesting not only because of its appearance - it reached high speeds in its class despite being partly wooden. Moreover, it kept its high-speed capability even when carrying bombs thanks to the internal bomb bay.

2000 pounds of bombs, four 20mm guns and four 7.69mm MGs the Mosquito carried made him a dangerous adversary for the enemy. In our sim, there will be additional weapon modifications available - eight RP-3 unguided rockets and 57mm anti-tank gun (!). Here are the first 3D renders of this bird of prey at its current development stage:

01.thumb.jpg.daa50cd2cbda66c72361e97e93b802bb.jpg02.thumb.jpg.156e3a472f245468072251fc7ad20c02.jpg 03.thumb.jpg.c8b0e3110bcd18cad2113eee1fe7d8fe.jpg04.thumb.jpg.e4594d783cbec23a90b19467a0b4ca3c.jpg 05.thumb.jpg.fd25bc5d5aad34d583d76377e95fc802.jpg06.thumb.jpg.fd785ae2d971519073b0093ff665f168.jpg

The recently announced player controllable mobile AA guns are also showing good progress. Along with the work on their visual models, we're improving the realistic physics model of the wheeled ground vehicles movement even more. And don't forget about their crews as well:  

11.thumb.jpg.1e8b89e847019bfc18293d07ae343d8e.jpg 12.thumb.jpg.814e38bfd628eacb48cc3917a5a25d46.jpg13.thumb.jpg.68ddfb0d17ee5bac3b6724f6edbfcba7.jpg