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Ten Days of Autumn
$ 9.99
Ten Days of Autumn
This single-player Campaign tells the story of a difficult time in October 1941 for the German Luftwaffe on the Moscow front. The Campaign follows the actions of Luftwaffe Group I./JG 52 who were supporting the tip of the German thrust deep into Russia, flying missions from frontline airfields in the Kalinin area. German forces faced seemingly never ending artillery strikes, attacks from Soviet ground forces and sudden VVS air strikes. The intense combat as well as the tough weather conditions demanded maximum effort from Luftwaffe pilots, foreshadowing the looming collapse of the Operation Typhoon. You get to play the role of commander of the second flight in the third squadron (3./JG 52).

Timeframe: October 19-29, 1941
Unit: I./JG 52
Available aircraft: Bf 109 F-2
Duration: 15 missions
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish.

This campaign requires "IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow".