Welcome to the 5th week of Early Access in IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad.

And this time it's a really massive welcome because Standard edition owners are joining the early access program today. Welcome, dear Silver Founders! You're free to download the game client from your Profile page right now.

Please, note: the early access schedule is different for the Christmas & New Year's holidays. Thus, the 6th session starts at 20:00 UTC/GMT December 27th and lasts till (hopefully, barring any problems) 20:00 UTC/GMT  January 5th. Meanwhile, the 5th session starts today at 20:00 UTC/GMT and ends in 72 hours - at 20:00 UTC/GMT December 23rd.

In this "episode" you'll meet the first bomb and rocket weaponry; the list of planes remains the same. And even thou the set of planes remains the same, be sure that we've prepared new exciting simming experience for you in our test missions with ground targets.

Have a nice weekend!

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It's been a year since we published the announcement about cooperation between 777 Studios and 1C and our plan to create a new game in the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series.

The news were perceived ambiguously: some saw it as a chance for the sim to return after a big correction of old mistakes, others we afraid that we'll work out of the genre traditions, and others simply had no idea about who we were and what could be expected. 12 months after the announcement and 6 months after the start of Pre-order have passed, and you've shown your actual support to us and the project. It's Early access stage now, and we keep moving on.

Thanks for all your support on that path.

The 4th Early access session will be open to all Premium pre-order and Early access editions owners from 20:00 GMT December 13th till 20:00 GMT December 16th. We're also glad to announce that buyers of the Standard edition will join the Early access program starting December 20th. Thanks a lot for your patience, and please wait just a little more.

To find out more about the changes in the current version, to learn about track recording in IL2BOS and watch the latest live stream with devs, please, visit our forum.




Today we'll tell you about the modifications you are going to obtain in the game. We've mentioned them before speaking of the game mechanics and today we're starting to publish complete leveling branches. As it was said before, unlocks are not unambiguous and they don't make your aircraft plainly better. Most of them are designed for specific sorts of combat missions, some of them will force you to change your fighting style. But all of them will surely bring you a new gameplay experience.

Owners of Premium edition and Early access edition are going to get their planes updated with loaded weapons that they will be able to use in all of the currently available missions. Nearest early access session starts on December 6th and lasts till December 9th.

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We've decided to start providing game access on weekends earlier than it was initially planned. So, everyone who was too busy to play should be able to get to the game soon.

The next session starts on December 6th and ends on December 9th. So next Friday you'll get the previously known LaGG-3 and Bf-109 F-4, but this time they will get their firepower back. The next goal is to increase the length of each session. Maybe we'll get to it earlier than planned as well. And of course the Standard edition owners will be joining the early access soon.

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We’d like to say thanks for the kind feedback that you gave us and our project. We’ve been surprised and sincerely impressed. Also, it’s very pleasant for the whole team to read those kind words and now everyone works knowing that you enjoy the game that we’re making. In fact, this early access program puts extra responsibly on us because the alpha-version is actually very raw and far from the release in many, many aspects. So thank you all for this inspiration and we’ll try to meet the upcoming expectations.

Technically the early access started successfully. All servers are functioning properly and the software shows good performance on a big range of different PC configurations. Our approach to modeling has also proved to be correct, so we believe we’re on the right track now.

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