The first week after the winter holidays has been surprisingly easy and effective. The team has successfully adjusted to our usual working schedule, so I hope will keep doing everything in time and deliver new features regularly. And today we start the new early access session.

This time we bring you some obvious and not so obvious changes. The first significant one is the main Stalingrad map. It's really large and has lots of objects. That's why we need to evaluate your PCs' performance at this map to prepare smart decisions for further optimization.

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It doesn't matter where you live and in what language you toast - Happy New Year one and all!
The project's team has returned back to work after the winter holidays. We have a lot tasks to complete and here are our goals in the short perspective: Quick Mission Builder, Multiplayer, new planes and the main map. All that is to be delivered to your PCs within the next 2 months so this winter is going to be hot for flight-sim fans.
We haven't prepared anything new for you during these two days since we returned from the winter holidays, so you won't need to update your clients this weekend - please play the current version. Meanwhile we will be creating something new and cool for you.

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Dear friends!

Happy New Year 2014! Be brave pilots and wise warriors, and may good luck be with you always!


Early access, week #7. It's going to be the most prolonged open session: you will get access later today on Friday, December 27th (approx. 20:00 UTC/GMT) and will be able to play freely until January 5th when the server will go offline (20:00 UTC/GMT as always). This time we've added all remaining unlockable modifications to currently available planes including cannons for both fighters and removable armor plates for Bf 109 F-4. So it's time to try out your high caliber weapons in missions against AI-planes and ground forces. Also we keep on working at visual effects, for example, buildings are now destructible.

We decided not to deploy the Stalingrad map this time, and we count on your understanding. It's a very massive and important part of development, and we don't want to risk by giving you too raw content. That's why today we're showing you several screenshots taken on the map. The map itself will be ready for you in January. Yes, it's getting more and more interesting with every update.

Enjoy your Christmas & New Year holidays, and have a great time playing IL2BOS!

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Merry Christmas!

And allow us to put in straight - you're the most friendly, considerate and reasonable game community ever.

We believe that you've been so nice this year that Santa will definitely be generous to you this Christmas.

1C Game Studios team wishes you a very Merry Christmas! Celebrate this magical day with your family and friends, and have a nice time on the holidays.