The pre-order program will be shut down on November 11th, which means that everyone wishing to become the IL2:BOS Founder has about 4 more weeks to obtain the pre-order and all the bonuses it guarantees. Within a few days after November 11th the early access will be open; all necessary details about it and how it’s going to happen will surely be announced beforehand.

When the pre-order program closes our store will be updated and it will offer only the Premium Edition for the price of $94.99. Purchasing it will instantly grant the owner an invitation to the early access program, but unfortunately it will not provide them with bonuses and special community status of the Founders. We've also set the price for the game at launch in spring 2014: $59,99 for Standard edition and $99,99 for Premium edition.

This is a big step forward for the project as it carries us into the next development stage. We’re very grateful to everyone who helped us make this step.
Read the fresh Dev blog note

Here we suggest you a short gameplay video showing the on-going multiplayer tests in IL2BOS:


Today in the Developer diary: the Project Manager Daniel "Han" Tuseev tell a detailed story of AI systems in flight sims and describes special features of the advanced AI in IL2BOS.
As you remember we promised a unique skin for Bf.109 F-4 to everyone who preordered IL2BOS before October 1st. And now we suggest you to make your choice and decide what it will look like. For details click here
Note that the Poll started to find out founders' opinion about the exclusiveness of the R7 mod for Bf.109F-4 is still open.
Also new wallpapers with LaGG-3 in its gift skin were posted along with the Dev blog update.



Dear Plots,

The long-awaited autumn has come to Moscow bringing nasty, windy weather, cold rains and…some serious news that you've been waiting for.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and support that you have shared during the pre-order program, our IL2:BOS project has grown and matured greatly. At this time we would like to express special appreciation to the Founders, those of you who have given us a hand when we truly needed it. The pre-order program as described on the official site will continue on in October until the autumn early access period begins. The exact date will be announced soon. With the beginning of the early access phase the early access pre-order program will shut down. After that we’ll publish the retail price for Standard and Premium editions of IL2:BOS as well as further details about the product.

Until then you’re welcome to continue pre-ordering the game and receive access to all guaranteed bonuses and other Founder privileges. We've prepared a special gift for everyone who will have purchased a pre-order before it expires. The gift is the R7 weapon modification for Bf.109F-4 - 2х20mm MG151/20 gun pods that you’ll obtain in the game when it’s released. Note that this mod is unique and will only be available by preordering the game and joining the IL2BOS Founders.


Today in Dev blog #34:

IL2BOS team is preparing to present the game to Russian gaming press for the first time during the up-coming national game convent Igromir-2013

The exclusive skin for the LaGG-3 fighter, which was chosen by the Founders, has already been added to the current version of the game. You can see it on the screenshots and in this special video showing its creation.

And also the record of the latest live stream with developers has been published with English captions. This time the devs tell about features of night time gameplay and new light effects.


This Wednesday, September 25th we'll be live streaming again. We'll start at 16:00 GMT, and you be will see something special this time because the entire stream will be set on night maps. Nav lights, flare guns and other useful and eye-catching features of IL-2: BOS.
Our Twitch channel welcomes you at http://www.twitch.tv/il2sturmovik (the Russian http://cybergame.tv/il2sturmovik/ may work for you as well, just pick Original quality setting). As before, the record will be published with English subtitles on our YouTube channel with the next Friday dev blog update.