We, 1C Game Studios, are excited to announce that IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is available digitally starting from today.

The game can be purchased in two editions, Standard and Premium, for the price of $59.99 and $99.99 correspondingly. For additional information on both editions please visit the store at www.il2sturmovik.com.

The game is available via Steam and official IL-2 Sturmovik web site.

Retail versions in various languages will follow at a later date depending on local distributors.

Developer Blog #83

This week we had an interview with the multiplayer mission designer from the Syndicate virtual squadron - Vander. A solid experience in creating game scenarios for Rise of Flight helps the SYN pilots to develop interesting missions for Battle of Stalingrad as well.

To learn more about inventing some exciting gameplay and turning the idea into reality - click here.


Developer Blog #82

The first week with single player campaign on your PCs was rich in stormy discussions on the boards. There was quite a lot of fierce debates in our studio too if you ask. But the work is on as well the life on the forums, still constructive, positive and promising. Absolutely brilliant briefings were suggested by Feathered_IV and FlatSpinMan. Their ideas of immersion into the atmosphere of frontline routine and ruthless battles could be a great addition to the game missions. But we believe there are a lot of talented pilots on the forums who would be happy to share their creative approach with the community. That’s why we suggest you all to write and publish your creative briefing descriptions for any type of IL2BOS mission in this specific section. We’ll be checking it regularly to pick the ones that we like most and the best of them will be added to the official game build.

Beside all that the recent dev blog offers you a compilation of Loft's posts where he tells about the development plans for nearest future of the single player campaign and gives a hint about Ju 52 that might be added to IL2BOS someday.


Today we give you the single player campaign for the Early Access. This is the most complex game mode we have in BOS. It utilizes our mission generator logic, AI technologies, and all the content we’ve made. We’ll keep working on the Campaign for a time, adding new types of missions, applying some more scenario elements and improve the existing systems. Because today’s release is the very first public version of the Campaign, you’ll probably find bugs in it. We’ll notify you about the most important ones that are discovered and, of course, fix them.


It so happened that Friday dev blog is now the most special part of the entire project able to distract you from both game and forum wars. That’s why I’d like be ahead of your questions about the releases date - you’ll know everything next week. Meanwhile you can keep on playing, fighting and bombing while early access is steadily approaching the release date.

Some may have noticed that it’s been a few days since we’ve finally received a new Oculus RIft. It’s more than the freshest version of the device - it is the public version, just like the one you can buy officially. The gadget is finally capable of headtracking, like TrackIR or others. So there’s a rather small task that remains to be completed - the final compatibility check. We’re now sure that Battle of Stalingrad will be released with complete compatibility with Oculus RIft VR.