Dev blog #91

Today's dev blog is a bit late but, hopefully, it doesn't make it less interesting.

Of course, the team is working real hard at the next update, version 1.011 which is going to feature the long-awaited Ju 52. Tante Ju will become the first AI-only aircraft in the project...

Dev blog #90

While the team is busy on version 1.010 which already includes over 40 fixes and improvements I’d like to tell you a couple of words about one of the new features. I’m talking about the full event map that describes the entire mission in details. You’re going to see the whole route that you’ve been following and a net of markers showing all events that took place. Not only time and coordinates of kills and deaths are marked there, but also a lot of other curious facts such as:

  • death of your fellow gunner;
  • death of a gunner on an enemy plane;
  • AI plane taking down another AI plane;
  • AI tank (artillery unit, light armor unit) taking down another AI-controlled ground vehicle;
  • death of the pilot in case if he loses control over the plane without any “help” from the enemy...

Next week we’re going to have a scheduled update to V.1.009.

Along with pretty highly awaited dedicated server and full mission editor, fixes of sounds in multiplayer and several DM improvements, the update will feature the oxygen system simulation. I’ve asked one of our engineers, known as Gavrick on the forums, to tell more about this feature.

Dev blog #88

Last Friday we brought to most of you some good news - allowing owners of the Premium Edition to bypass the unlockable modifications instantly. To help those that might also want this option, but don’t own the Premium Edition, we are launching a sale for Standard Edition owners that will last from February 13th till February 20th and will give everyone an opportunity to purchase Premium aircraft (La-5 and Fw 190 A-3) at a 50% discount. The sale prices will be available on both our site and the Steam page. Make yourselves a bit happier with these new planes and new opportunities, and don’t be shy to buy them as a present on St.Valentines Day!

Meanwhile, we keep rolling with big news about IL-2 Sturmovik’s future. Starting with the fact that the series is actually going to have a future. Last December, for instance, nobody including us was certain about what would happen next. But good fortune has blessed our hard work and we now know what we will do next.

We are proud to announce that the 1CGS team has started to work on the next title in the the series - IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow. The next stage of this project is set to begin this March - that’s when we’ll be ready to reveal the details and tell you more about the new game’s compatibility with BOS, Early Access Plans and other important details. And now we present you the list of planes that Battle of Moscow is going to feature...

Dev blog #87

February 2nd, 1943 is when the Battle of Stalingrad was over after the surrounded 6th Army capitulated. In the memory of that date we want to share with you at least a part of the plans that our team is currently working at.
Let’s start with what is already complete. On Monday, February 9th we’re going to deploy a small update to the official website. As a result, a new item will appear in the premium account profiles - “Activate modifications” button.